Saturday, November 19, 2016

Tranquil Pre-Game Day in Arganda del Rey

Friday, 18 November, 2016:

Because we had such a busy week being tourists in the greater Madrid community, we agreed that a day getting a few things done at La Casa Grande and in Arganda del Rey were wise choices.

First up was a visit to . . .

Fernando, my barber

The Bravo is only a year
younger than I am

I scored the special over 65 years of age Friday morning special price and had a great haircut and beard trim.

The added bonus was some interesting insights into the Spanish culture, history and battle of the sexes from Fernando given to me as only a real barber can.

At the Public Library

Laurie need a new book to read and this drawing reminded me that I am almost finished with Book I of the two book epic Spanish novel Don Quixote with less than two weeks to go before we return to California.

It looks to me as if I will probably have to check out another copy of Don Quixote in Camarillo's Public Library next month in order to finish opus.

 These grapes are being added
to the fronts of several of Arganda
del Rey's bars/restaurants

Feels like another local Tapas Crawl Festival may be in the wind.

The first sign of the Tapas 
Crawl Festival this weekend?

Well, yes and no.

It is indeed a Tapas Crawl Festival weekend notice but it will take place in the nearby town of Mejorada del Campo.

Come to think of it, Mejorada del Campo is only about a 20 minute drive from Arganda del Rey, hmmm . . .

A trip to Arganda del Rey's new, gigantic and sparkling Asia Store that opened yesterday led us to all sorts of inexpensive treasures for La Casa Grande and beyond.

Friday night meant three more fabulous hours of Osos Rivas Junior and Senior American football practices!

Juniors working on a Hand
Replacement Pass Blocking Drill

 Juniors practicing Gator Tackling

Oklahoma Drill


Interesting Offensive Stance

Low Pad Wins


14 year old OL Mario
facing away from us

Mario's block was
good but a bit high

Our Juniors next game will be
at home against the Jabatos
on Saturday, November 26th

After the Juniors 90 minutes of fun, it was time for our Senior team's light pre-game practice that focused on the mental aspects of the game far more than the physical side of things.

The Osos were indeed focused and I left the practice field with the same positive, upbeat feel that was within our squad.

Our opening game of the Copa de Madrid Tournament is scheduled for Saturday at home.


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