Friday, November 11, 2016

The CaixaForum and Tapas on Calle de Jesús

Thursday, 10 November, 2016:

The Sun was out so we decided to take the Metro into Madrid and take a walk along the Spanish capital's museum neighborhood.

Great building near the
Atocha Train Station

We had never been inside
of this small museum until today

The CaixaForum's
Hanging Garden

We traded taking couples
pictures with a British couple

The CaixaForum was hosting a temporary exhibit titled The Pillars of Europe - Middle Ages in the British Museum featuring Medieval art on loan from London's famed museum.

Ornate Crucifix

Floor Tile Art

Even then they didn't make
swords like they used to

Amazing carving

Knight riding a Destrier horse

Destrier horses were famed in Medieval Times for their strength and dexterity in battle.

Such animals may have cost as much as a laborer would have earned in 40 YEARS in the 1200s. Needles to say, these horses were for the rich only.

Royal Seals

Medieval Helmet akin to what
Osos Rivas Center Jack wears

A happy saint

Good craftsmanship

 Trump won?

More amazing carvings

 The Last Judgement


How did they do this 800 years ago?

Or this?

Careful, they will bite you


Goofy looking Royal Lion

 Gleaming Chalice

More Medieval Carvings

Believed to be St. George

The CaixaForum was a good experience, glad we visited.

Next up was a pleasant walk up the scenic Paseo del Prado. 

What is that beast on the right?

Velasquez in front of the
Prado Museum

Monument to all Spaniards
who have died in defense of
their country

Somewhere in Madrid, there are lots
of headless street lights

Died 400 years ago this year

The Neptune Fountain

This is the fountain where Atlético Madrid fans congregate in order to celebrate a big win for their boys in the red and white striped jerseys.

Laurie entering the Calle de Jesús
tapas bar area

This one looked good

Only 24 years old

This was an extremely young restaurant by Madrid standards which was worrisome. Still, it had great reviews in our three guidebooks, so we entered.

Besides, how could you not
trust her cooking?

Laurie wearing the restaurants
mandatory bib/napkin

We should have picked one up for Mark Johnson.

All-you-can-eat Cocido Madrilene

It was the Specialty of the House, so we just had to go for it.

Café, flan and a digestive

That was one huge, delicious and hunger sating experience, WOW!

Though stuffed beyond belief, we decided to continue our visual only tapas crawl as suggested by our Rick Steves guidebook. 


 This place clearly tells you
what meats they serve

I like Spanish canned food art

Sea food tapas bar

Octopus serving Galician bar

Wait a second,
a Cuban Bar!

This merited a second look . . .

. . . and just one Cristal beer
from Havana

This Calle de Jesús tapas crawl is great looking, full of delicious aromas and was also an area of Madrid that was new for us.

We'll be back!

Puerta de Alcalá

Horse Show in Madrid
the weekend before we leave

I better book tickets now for the sake of Laurie's sanity.

Meanwhile, from 9:15 p.m. to 11:00 p.m., it was back to Guadalajara for another evening with the Stings.

A HUGE turnout tonight for our
beloved 9-man football squad

Alejandro, one of our veteran Stings wide receivers commented that it was the biggest turnout that he could ever remember attending a workout of the purple and gold team.

Score Drill

Part conditioning and part teaching them to act like they've been their before, this drill is a good team builder as well.

Nose Guard vs. Center

Nine man football at its finest.

This coming Saturday will be a busy one.

American Football Clinic
from 8:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

The Osos coaching staff will be hosting the first of two Saturday morning clinics this weekend to help advance the knowledge of the game for the coaches and players of our feeder teams.

That would be the Osos Rivas Junior team, the Osos Alcobendas Senior B team, the Guadalajara Stings and the Royal Oaks Knights.

This should be a great day for our program.

Speaking of the Royal Oaks Knights . . .

They have a game on Saturday night
at home at 8:00 p.m. vs. the Wildcats

I wonder if Goldie Hawn is still coaching the Wildcats?

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