Tuesday, November 1, 2016

UEFA Champions League Ticket Buying and Strolling Through Barrio La Latina

Monday, 31 October, 2016:

Happy Halloween from Madrid everybody!

It was another Chamber of Commerce type day in the nation's capital today, a perfect day to explore.

 First stop of the morning

I was intent to purchase a ticket to Tuesday night's UEFA Champions League Group D game that Atlético Madrid will be hosting against Russia's F.C. Rostov club.

The UEFA Champions League annually brings together Europe's 32 best soccer/fútbol teams for an intense competition.

These 32 teams are initially placed into eight Groups lettered A through H. Each Group plays a home-and-home series with their Group members to qualify for the final rounds.

Estadio Vicente Calderón

That is Atlético's 50 year old home stadium and their ticket office was my goal.

 The only semi-pyramids I spied
near the Pirámides Metro stop

"I would like to buy one ticket for
the lowest price that is available."

 Model of Atlético's new stadium
that should be ready next year

I took a number and waited for about ten minutes for my turn. 

Their were lots of people speaking Russian in the room.

To set the stage, this is the fourth game of UEFA Champions League Group D action for both teams, the start of the second round of Group D games.

The current Group D standings are:
1. Atletico Madrid: 3 wins - 0 ties - 0 losses
2. Bayern Munich: 2 wins - 0 ties - 1 loss
3. PSV Eindhoven: 0 wins - 1 tie - 2 losses
4. F.C. Rostov: 0 wins - 1 tie - 2 losses

PSV Eindhoven is ranked ahead of F.C. Rostov based on a better overall goal differential, -4 to -6.

On October 19th, Atlético defeated F.C. Rostov 1-0 in Russia in the opening round of Group D play.


I'll be in the Bob Ueker/nose bleed section of the estadio for the 8:45 p.m. start.

Should be fun!

The Puente de Toledo
dating from the early 18th century

It is located about 5 minutes from Atlético's estadio.

 It wouldn't be an 18th century
bridge without some statuary

The Parque Madrid Río under
the Puente de Toledo

A "Viejo Verde" is, loosely
translated, a dirty old man

 It was a warm day, instead of a
newspaper for a hat, he might
want to take off the sweater

Estadio Vicente Calderón
in the distance

Another view of the
Puente de Toledo

And another of the
Parque Madrid Río

More Puente de Toledo

The Arganzuela Footbridge
is . . .

. . . interesting

The scenic footbridge spans the huge Parque Madrid Río about 600 meters from the Puente de Toledo.

Soothing Parque Madrid Río fountain

An unnamed monument
in the Parque Madrid Río

Great slides for kids

Of course, I found a community
Fronton on my walk

I re-boarded the Metro at Pirámides and headed to . . .

. . . Barrio La Latina

It was Halloween after all

La Latina architecture



I can make my own croquettes
at home with this gizmo and
a little oil

You can buy the croquetas pre-made
to take home and fry yourself . . .

 . . . or have them fried for
you in two minutes

They had 15 different types of croquetas for me to choose from. I opted for two ham, two pork and a cheese.

All were good. Next time, I'll go for the chocolate croqueta with a cafe con leche.

 La Latina is a lively barrio

Cool design

People enjoying the Sun

Eloy Gonzalo

He was a soldier who distinguished himself in Cuba during the Spanish-American War.



Great looking La Latina bar


Neighborhood Watch Program

The Rumor Mill in
full motion

Calle del Oso

Our club has its own street in barrio La Latina!

Quiet La Latina calle

 The Taberna Tirso de Molina
looked interesting on the outside

 And it looked great on the inside

"Hola, un cafe con leche
por favor."

The Taverna had lots of fun tile work both inside and out.

Life in another age in Madrid

GREAT mustache!


Viejo Verde?

Men's Room

Ladies' Room

The cafe con leche hit the spot!

Love these apartments

Nearing Plaza Mayor

 Powerful looking building

Colorful block

Suddenly I had a hankering for . . .

 . . . Churros

Only one place to go, the Churreria de San Gines which was convenient close by.

Me in the mirror at the
Churreria San Gines

Ordered but waiting

 Contented customers


So good but I have no idea
where those drips came from

"Witches also drink tea,
Happy Halloween!"

A cleaning lady enjoying a
street performer along with
some bar customers

Iglesia San Gines

Time to head home, we have
two Osos' practices tonight

It was the Opera Metro
stop you know

Working with the Cadet Flag Team

Seniors working on Kickoff return

Between Halloween and a National Holiday on Tuesday for All Saints Day that many people stretched into a four day weekend, the attendance at both practices was sparse.

Still, every Oso, Junior and Senior, that came tonight worked hard on improving their skills.

The COUNTDOWN continues . . . 

. . . more days until Laurie
leaves Camarillo for Spain!

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