Thursday, November 17, 2016

A Quiet, Restful Day in Arganda del Rey

Wednesday, 16 November, 2016:

After two days of intense tourism activities,
we decided to sleep in a bit today and just relax in town.

Upon checking the internet, we were reminded that this coming Saturday is . . .


I also received an update
on our second coaches clinic
on Saturday, November 26th

My only topic this time will be "Building and Leading an American Youth Football Program."

Yes, this is true,
especially if they are linemen

Our next move was to take a stroll into Arganda del Rey to do a little shopping and read a chapter or two of our books on a public bench in the unseasonably warm Sun.

Of course a group of Senior Citizens
occupied a bench of their own to
discuss world affairs

Breakfast at La Tertulia
was good

This was all that remained of a huge chocolate croissant that we shared.

I love these narrow
European streets

 Armanda del Rey's main
plaza/bull ring

Quirky building art

How old is this fountain

We opted to head this-a-way

We decided to become tourists in our own town again.


An alleyway named after our
very own little Luna

Aromas to die for . . .

We stopped into our local wine
bodega for the first time

One bottle of red and one of white por favor.

 More grapes on the
way to the bodega?

 A Nissan Micra

Seeing this one brought back lots of fun memories of driving one in Sicily during our magical 2008 semi-final playoff season with the Catania Elephants. 

 You just have to trust a fat
beer brewer

Hey, the looooong book
I'm reading is indeed
"Don Quixote de la Mancha"

Dulcinea del Toboso was the
delusional love of Don Quixote's life

It was now Wednesday night, time for three hours of . . .

. . . Osos Rivas Junior and Senior
American football practices

Juniors opting for some
one-on-one drills

Low pads win!


The Juniors had a solid practice but the Senior practice left me full of doubts for the first time in some time. This was our last hard practice before Saturday's season opener against a Coslada Camioneros club that has already played two games and it was clearly not the crisp one that the coaching staff wanted.

Speaking of the coaching staff . . .

Jesús, Jos, Orlando, George 
and Daniel

This Osos coaching staff collage was found on the Field Goal website that is the clearinghouse for all things about American football in Spain.

Also on the Field Goal website were quick summaries about every club that plays our great game in España. I found these to be of interest.
Our main club composed of an
11-man Serie A Senior team,
a nine-man Junior team
and a Cadet Flag Team

The small trophy next to our name signifies that we have won won National Championship in Serie A, Spain's highest division.

That title came in 2001 under the coaching leadership of California coaches Vince and Chris Pagliaro. Vince was the Head Coach during that championship campaign, his father Chris, a.k.a "Coach Blues," was Vince's assistant.

Our opponents this Saturday

Although they will play the 11-man version of American football for our game this Saturday in the Copa de Madrid competition, they will compete in the nine-man Serie C during the 2017 National season.

One of our two Serie C,
nine-man feeder clubs


Our second Serie C,
nine-man feeder club

This club features many of our new players and/or 18 year old youngsters just up from the Junior club that are not physically ready to compete yet against men ten+ years older than themselves.

Because they practice at the same time as we do on the far northeastern side of Madrid, I have yet to see them in person.

Our Junior Circuit only,
nine-man feeder club

They also have Cadet and Flag teams in their program.

And, of course, the South's
Mighty Murcia Cobras

I had the privilege of coaching them in 2015 and was so proud of their 2016 Serie B National Championship season.

In 2017, the Cobras will play in the extremely rugged Serie A, again, Spain's toughest division.

On Thursday, Laurie and I will be heading back into Madrid for a tour of the world famous Prado Museum. It should make for a long post if pictures are allowed.

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