Sunday, November 13, 2016

Expectation #2: Show Courage

Sunday, 13 November, 2016:

Bad news to start the day . . .

Our Dawgs lost

The game kicked off at 1:00 a.m. Sunday Madrid time so, as usual, the first thing that I did upon awakening was to check out the score.

Disappointing to say the least. Besides losing the perfect season, the loss drops the UW, 6-1 in conference play, to second place in the PAC-12 North behind surprising Washington State that is 7-0 in PAC-12 games.

Juniors Game Day
Osos Rivas
at ANV Cuervos

The ANV stands for "Atletico Nuevo Versalles."

The 2016-17 season opener was
played on a natural grass Rugby field

Mario is only 14 years old

Pressuring the Cuervos QB

The first thing that you would notice upon arriving at the game was that while the Osos had about 30 players in uniform, the Cuervos had only nine.

They play nine-man football at this level so it was strange to see no Cuervos substitutes anywhere on the sideline.

The line of scrimmage
about to be challenged

Bombs away Cuervos

#64 for the Cuervos played HARD!

Here he is pressuring the Osos QB

Getting to the perimeter

The Osos coaching staff in action


The signature Osos logo

In all levels of EuroBall
sponsors are a MUST!

The Cuervos RB/FS was a stud!

ZZ Top was in the house!

Large lad

Get to the QB FAST!

Osos in hot pursuit

This Osos RB played well today

 Battle in the trenches


Discussing technique at halftime

What I love best about my job with the Osos is that I am not involved with strategy on game days. I get to calmly continue to focus on Offensive Line techniques and coach fundamentals during the game.

At the half, the Osos led 26-0.

Luna and Camila had fun today too

We live with our Head Coach Jesús Sánchez, Bere and their two children Luna and Camila.

The girls had fun playing in the long jump pit during the game.

It was indeed a beautiful day for an American football game.

 The Cuervos spark plug RB/FS

In the Second Half, the Cuervos were down to only seven players due to injuries. Rules state that the Osos could still play with nine and we did.

Several times this Cuervo player loudly exhorted his remaining six teammates by yelling "Vamos Cuervos Con DOS COJONES!"

 Too many white jerseys

TD Osos!

Interesting throw and pass rush

Almost over

Good pass blocking

On the edge again

More technique talk with Mario

Final Score: Osos 47 - Cuervos 0

The only emotion that I left the game with was one of immense pride in the efforts of the Cuervos.

Greatly outmanned from the opening kickoff, they never gave up and indeed played with ". . . DOS COJONES!" to the very end.

Afterwards, I shook hands with all seven Cuervos players who finished the game and told them all how proud I was of their effort that showed great courage and also how their effort honored the game.

Sometimes the team that wins the game is not the team that wins the day.


We watched the Rams win against the Jets in New York on our NFL Game Pass TV package.

The Rams defense and kicking game are playing lights out.

Some one turned the lights out on the Rams' offense. Rams TDs are hard to come by this season.

Overall, it was a good weekend of American football on the Iberian Peninsula.

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