Monday, October 10, 2016

Sunday in the Countryside

Sunday, 9 October, 2016:

We were invited out to La Cabrera for a barbacoa at the home of Ricardo Martín. How could we not say "SI!"

Before heading out to La Cabrera, I awakened to find this picture on Facebook . . .


Even though Oregon had beaten my beloved Huskies for 12 straight years, I felt that this was finally the year that we would win.

But not by anywhere near that score.


Man and the Challenge:

It was finally time to wash clothes

Operating our beast would take a little reckoning as we had no exact directions, just symbols on the upper left as suggestions.

Problem number one after inserting the clothes, detergent and softener plus having made the best guess possible on the settings was how to turn this washing machine on.

After several aborted attempts, I finally did the only thing left and pulled out the dial on the far left.

It worked.

About an hour later my clean
clothes were set out to dry

On to La Cabrera for . . .

. . . Meat . . .

. . . Meat . . .

. . . and MORE meat

Ricardo did a great job preparing the meal and it is safe to say that we were fully sated.

Ricardo's brother Enrique and his family joined us after the meal to watch the first game of this NFL Sunday which kicked off at 7:00 p.m. La Cabrera time.

Technical difficulties

We had internet problems with the NFL stream so we switched to a recording of first the Louisville-Clemson game last week.

After that game ended we then uploaded the Aztecas UDLAP-Borregos Toluca college game from Mexico's top university league. This was actually a scouting session as Jesús is looking to add a player or two from Mexico when their season ends in December.

It was late and we had had a few cervezas so we opted to spend the night at Ricardo's.


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David said...

You know, when I started traveling, I had no idea washers and dryers would be the most difficult barrier to international understanding. But they are. Congrats on figuring that one out.