Monday, October 17, 2016

El Museo Arqueológico Nacional and a NFL Game Night Meeting With the Stings

Sunday 16 October, 2016:

The first goal of the day was to reach the Plaza Mayor in the heart of Madrid in time to catch the Spanish Civil War in Madrid tour at this venerable meeting point.

 I was sorely tempted

Located on the Puerta del Sol, they make delicious pastries. I actually entered but, as it was Sunday morning, it was a packed so I passed.

The Plaza Mayor was busy as
usual due to the weekly Sunday
El Rastro flea market

Unfortunately, I was too late for the tour, maybe next time.

 Good street musicians playing
"Granada" near the
Chocolateria San Gines

I may have gone into the Chocolateria for some churros and hot chocolate.

I can't remember.

What to do?

I decided to walk while trying to figure out my next move.

Nice Glasses

The Entry Door of the landmark
Metropolitan Building


The Cervantes Institute

 Cervantes must have had some
crazy thoughts while writing
Don Quixote

 Much better that the
Plaza Mayor meet point

Finally I made my choice, I would visit the . . .

 The National Archaeological Museum

The main focus here is the history of the Iberian peninsula.

 Diego Velazquez
1599 - 1660
Noted Spanish Painter

What the . . .

Alonso Berruguette
1488 - 1561
Noted Spanish Painter, Sculptor
and Architect

The Museum's Motto

That would leave a mark

Laurie's favorite color

The Warrior Stela from
Solana de Cabañas

 Nice Grin

 Are you sure that head
goes with that body

 The Lady of Elche

Pulpo, YUM!

A Roman Dignitary

The Roman Empire conquered the Iberian peninsula back in the day. 

 Duel in Mosaic

 Livia the wife of Roman
Emperor Caesar Augustus


 Woman with a club

 Bad time to lose your weapon

 Crazy Hair Day

Penetrating Eyes

 Visigoth Crown of Receswinth

 Spain's Moorish Influence


 The Zamora Pyxis

 Typical Moorish Ceiling

 Crucifixes are BIG in Spain

 What are you guys . . .

. . . DOING?

 St. Peter holding
The Keys to the Kingdom
of Heaven

 Disciplining your pet

 Ornate Column Capital

 King Pedro I of Castile

Don't forget to "Vote for Pedro" next month.

 Another fine crucifix

 The Crucifix of
Ferdinand and Sancha

 Napier's Calculating Machine

 The Devil is in the details

How did they do this without
the aid of computers

 Egyptian Priest

The Dinos of the Wedding of
Thetis and Peleus

 Tevau or Feather Money

 Glad to see that one of the
Guadalajara Stings donated
his American football helmet
to the Museum

It really is an outstanding museum and well worth the price of admission.

Did I mention that the museum was free today?

 Dual at the Retiro Metro Stop

Cuban Music Fest this Thursday

I can go if I skip the 9:15 p.m. Stings' practice in Guadalajara on Thursday.

Miss my beloved Stings' practice? 


In the evening I drove the Range Rover out to Hector Manzano's home in Alcalá de Henares to meet with him and three other key members of the Guadalajara Stings directorate to discuss ways of augmenting the team's finances, improve player recruitment, watch NFL Red Zone on TV and, of course, . . .

. . . EAT!

A fine spread consisting of Spanish hams and cheeses plus lots of delicious croquetas.

 Detroit Lions 31 - L.A. Rams 28


Lots of Spanish Desserts

What a great way to end another good day in the greater Madrid megalopolis!

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