Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A Quiet Day in Arganda del Rey

Monday, 17 October, 2016:

Sometimes, calm is a good thing. Today was one of those days.

After setting up our practice plans for the next two nights, Osos tonight and Stings tomorrow, I needed to go for a walk in the ciudad for some exercise.

National Lottery Ticket
Sales Booth

The famed "El Gordo" mega-lottery is coming up soon. You can buy a ticket from any of your favorite Guadalajara Stings this coming weekend.

I took a walk on
Slaughterhouse Street

 GREAT Pope!

A plaque to honor the bull "Soñador"
whose life was spared due to bravery

It happens, not often but it does happen in the world of bull fighting.

I've always found this country
just exotic enough to visit

The Osos now own three
blocking boards

Junior Team working on
swim releases under
Coach Sandro's leadership

Junior Defensive Line
working on technique

Defensive Line Stance

Use your hands and extend!

Good Pad Level

Coach Frank introducing the
Junior's defensive schemes

One of our new boards
in action

Good get-off but we're too high with our pad level.

That was it for the day, good effort tonight by the Senior team but only 25 Osos were at the practice.

Tomorrow I will start a new adventure with a visit to the town of Cuenca to see the famous "Casas Coladas."

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