Monday, October 3, 2016

Shopping, a Museum and Meet the Coach

Sunday, 2 October, 2016:

Up early on another warm day, I was off to Europe's biggest flea market, the El Rastro.

El Rastro starts in Plaza Mayor

In this fine old Plaza you'll
find dealers in old stamps . . .

. . . and rare coins amongst many things

Francisco Franco and
José Antonio Primo de Rivera 

 I did not put in a bid on this handsome piece featuring two of Spain's rightest of the right wing last century.

 I did buy these three bill
at a modest price

Back side of the same three bills

Now while the El Rastro leaves the Plaza Mayor to cover a lot more of Madrid's historic center, I had seen all that I wanted so it was, once again, time to amble.

Fine Spanish Architecture

Relatively new church

 This place never gets old to me

There was some kind of bicycle
rally going on today

Live band helping ease the
bikers pain

Finish the rally,
earn a blue balloon!

Enough walking, it was time for a museum.

 The Naval Museum worked for me

That I had not been there before helped in the decision making. This museum is dedicated to the story of Spain's navy from 1492 to the present.

An important Admiral I'm sure

I think that this version
is a bit leaky

Ready in case of battle
and/or pirates

Great Spanish Craftsmanship

The Battle of Lepanto, 1571

A fleet led by Don Juan of Austria, mostly financed by the Spanish Empire, decisively defeated the fleet of the Ottoman Empire.

Ottoman Headgear

Duel anyone?

Lots of Ship Models
in this museum

Stormy seas, a small boat and
too many men

Not good.

Random staircase

Wood Carvings were up next

Lions are usually symbols
of Royalty

Columbus setting foot
in the New World

Weird animal globe

VERY distinguished

Damn the torpedoes . . .

Miniature are always fun

A priest with a stick

Not good.

 King Neptune
is in the house!

Excuse me miss, did you know . . .

Royal sign again

 I liked the colors

 Here's Franco again

 Cow Head at Sea?

Wild Boar's Head at Sea?

A Spanish Galleon answer to
the Smart Car

It was a good museum, now it was on to the Retiro, Madrid's HUGE park.

 Interesting Concept

Interesting Sky Roof

 Madrid's Arc de Triomphe

 Arc de Triomphe's backside

This sits just outside Madrid's El Retiro Park which was packed mid-day on a Sunday.

I passed on El Retiro today.

 Paella is always a good
choice in Spain

Did I mention how much
I love Madrid's Metro System

Well, I do!

Once home, I was out the door again to have lunch with Enrique Martín Alonso and his sons Jorge and Jaime.

We had another incredible meal.

Gracias Enrique!

Back at the Villa Mapache, I watched part of the Redkins-Browns game with Daniel and Vanessa Vilches. They are staunch Redskin fans.

Daniel and I had to leave the game to attend our first staff meeting with our new Head Coach, Jesús Sanchez.

I said that I was impressed with Jesús when we first met over dinner in Gijón last year.

I was awed by his attention to detail in our first staff meeting.

This is going to be a fun two months!

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