Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Another Great Day for American Football!

Tuesday, 4 October, 2016:

Up and at 'em early once again today as Jesús and I had a bunch of things to go over in preparation for our Wednesday and Friday Osos practices.

 Go Osos GO!

But before we move on to today, let's take a short look back at last night's Junior team practice and the Senior team meeting.

"What a beautiful night for
an American football practice!"

Part of the Osos Coaching Staff

From L. to R., The team's mysterious consultant, Head Coach Jesús Sánchez and Defensive Coordinator Josafath del Valle

Moving on to today . . .

Enrique Martín Alonso picked me up at 8:30 a.m. for another 40 mile drive out to the foothill city of La Cabrera to meet with Osos Head Coach Jesús Sánchez.

It would signal the start of a full day of American football discussions.

Morning Traffic Jam in La Cabrera

This unforeseen atasco as they call it here, completely threw off our time schedule.

The view of the mountain range
from Enrique's parents' home

Enrique's Father wanted to show us his quaint village so Jesús and I joined him and his son Ricardo for a walk that would include the obligatory stop for beer and raciones.


La Cabrera means
The Goat

La Cabrera's Church
with a HUGE Stork's Nest atop

Artsy Stork's Nest

 Looks like different Faiths
getting along

Not always the case in Spanish history.

La Cabrera's Palace?

Philosopher Jose Ortega y Gasset

Our walking tour completed, we worked on a few more Osos related football issues before being summoned to a late lunch by Enrique and Ricardo's Mother.

Typical of mature Spanish women, Teresa is a good cook and is not afraid to force feed her guests.

We were stuffed but happy.

We had reached all of our organizational goals for the day so I was now whisked away by our friend Hector to Guadalajara 35 miles away for . . . 

Another BEAUTIFUL evening
for American football!

The Stings' practice was scheduled from 9:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.

To review, the Stings are one of the Osos' feeder teams that will play nine man football in Spain's Serie C.

We had about 16 in attendance

This is a good turnout for this small team.

I was pleased that the players and coaches were open to new ideas and training regimens.

Crazy Legs Borja

It was near midnight by the time Hector and Borja drove me back to Madrid after what was a spirited session in Guadalajara.

It's GREAT to be an American football coach on day's like today! 

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