Saturday, October 15, 2016

A Day to Stroll and Then Practice American Football

Friday, 14 October, 2016:

The weather cleared up nicely so I decided to continue exploring the varied sites of Arganda del Rey, population 55,400 souls.


Who would rip out the communication system from outside the gateway entrance to our various complex apartments?

Of course, the BANKERS were to
blame for the vandalism

I should have known that from the get go.

The owner must be a
Guadalajara Stings fan

Or maybe the purple wheels are for the undefeated University of Washington American football team.

Desayuno at La Tertulia

I stuck to a good cafe con leche and a racion of their delicious Tortilla Española but at some point I am going to try their House Specialty, Rabo de Toro (Bull's Tail).

Who is that peeking out
between the bottled spirits?

One of the Tabacos stores I
mentioned in yesterday's post

Enrique Martín Alonso's Land Rover
that I got to drive the last two days

It is incredibly huge by conventional European standards.

 Mahon Beer Company is sponsoring
a Tapas Crawl in Arganda del Rey
each of the next two weekends

A total of 21 different bars and restaurants in town are committed to the Tapas Crawl.

I may have to give in a try.

 Speaking of Tapas . . .

I needed a couple before heading out to the Osos Rivas' two practices, the Juniors at 7:00 p.m. and the Seniors at 8:30 p.m.

Men playing Boule in a park

It doesn't get more Spanish than this!

Kibitzing with your opponent is as much of the game as scoring points by getting your boule closest to the target ball.

Which boule scored?

On to the Metro Station!

Since Jesús was still on the road from Gijón with his family and all their earthly possessions for the final move into La Casa Grande, I decided to leave the Land Rover behind and take the Metro to practice.

The needed Metro stop is about a
15 minute walk to the practice field

 It was a scenic walk
that included the famous . . .

. . . Stairway to Heaven

I noticed this in a glass showcase
at our practice facility last night

It was a good newspaper article about an Osos' game with a great action shot.

It was dated November 25, 2011.

We need an update soon.

Juniors Stretching

A good turnout and I got to work with the Offensive Line on pulling techniques and with the punt team long snappers as well.

Turo, a Senior, working on
his Angle Blocking technique

Nice finish Turco!

Seniors practicing Punt Coverage


Team Offense

Skeleton like work as many of our players still have not paid their insurance fees.

We plan to go full bore next Friday with a fully insured squad by then.

All in all, it was yet another great night for American football!

After practice, I was in for a big surprise . . .

Murcia Cobra Mini-Q was in Madrid!

He was in town visiting his Mother and made out to see me in Rivas.

Like many great athletes such as The Babe, Yaz, Peyton, Pele and the Big O, no one knows his real name. He is known only as Mini-Q.

In Catania in 2015, he was our outstanding Strong Safety who often played like the Tasmanian Devil of Looney Tunes cartoon fame. He has only one speed, FULL SPEED!

As a coach, the more players like Mini-Q you have on your side, the better.

MiniQ's Murcia Cobras
2016 Spanish Serie B
National Championship Ring


When we got back to La Casa Grande, it was time to unload Jesús' rented moving van.

 La Casa Grande seemed
a bit smaller suddenly

We did not unpack anything since
it was close to 1:00 a.m.

We were all tired but a "Jorge"
can of Coke Zero hit the spot

A HUGE gracias to Jaime and Jorge, Enrique Martín Alonso's two sons that were a big help getting everything out of the van and into La Casa Grande.

We'll be back at it at 11:30 a.m. Saturday morning for a fundamentals workout with everyone's favorite team, the Guadalajara Stings!

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