Tuesday, October 11, 2016

An American Football Day and Some National TV Exposure for the Osos

Monday, 10 October, 2016:

The first day of our Osos work week was a good one, but first some bad news from the home front . . .

 YOUR Los Angeles Rams
fell to 3-2 on the campaign

If you'll recall, Jesús and I had spent the night in La Cabrera after our barbacoa/American football TV marathon on Sunday.

We spent a large part of our morning and early afternoon practice planning for both the Osos workout tonight and the Guadalajara Stings practice on Tuesday.

Once finished, we drove into La Cabrera's bustling downtown in order to grab a bite before heading back to La Casa Grande.

Union Headquarters in La Cabrera

During the Spanish Civil War (1936-39), the CNT was an anarchist group that accepted peasants and unskilled workers that were not accepted in other unions.

They fought against General Franco's Nationalist forces to no avail during those four brutal years.

During lunch we continued to talk American football.

Coach's Stationery

Whenever two or more American football coaches get together to dine, they eventually get around to diagramming plays on paper napkins and/or, in this case, a paper table cloth.

Jesús and I coach American football and we were eating after all.

When we got back to La Casa Grande, we were in for a big surprise . . .

Our Internet Wifi
was being installed!

Life in España just got a whole lot better.

We had another surprise at practice, a former Osos player came by to visit.

 Kevin Gramage

In the small world of American football, Kevin is an interesting character.

As mentioned, he is a former Osos player.

He also played American football in college in Mexico for the Pumas of UNAM. The Pumas are Jesús' old college team.

Finally, Kevin also once played with the Cobras in Murcia but that was before I coached them in 2015.

Kevin is one of the good guys. How could he not be with those bloodlines?

Our Osos practice was a good one leaving everyone full of promise for the fast approaching season.

During the day Jesús had been contacted by a Spanish TV station that is doing a series on non-mainstream sports in Spain.

American football was right down the show's wheelhouse!

 Getting set up for a post-practice
video taping

This show must have a ton of pull as they were able to get the lights to stay on for one extra hour after our Osos practice was over.

 #14 is Vincente the star of the show

The premise was for Vincente to quickly learn how to catch a football. Jesus asked me to be his personal trainer for the session.

Thus I explained to Vincente and the TV audience about hand placement, visual concentration on the ball.

He appeared to be a quick learner.

"The ball is my friend, the ball is my friend . . ."

Decked out in Osos gear, he lined up at wide receiver and went DEEP in a one-on-one passing drill.

Osos' QB Ruben Cajas, he of the Golden Passing Arm, delivered a perfect strike that hit Vincente in full stride about two steps past the DB in coverage.

Vincente had near perfect hand placement, concentrated to the fullest and caught the ball like he'd been doing it all of his life.

All of the Osos players sprinted to him to congratulate him but Vincente mistakenly thought that they were trying to tackle him.

A huge race all over the field ensued but the Osos' pursuit drills paid off and they tracked him down, carried him off the field on their shoulders and celebrated with him like maniacs.

I liked it.

 Vincent explains to the TV audience
what it feels like to be
An American Football Hero

Vincente is a great guy!

It was a great way to end a beautiful night for American football!


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