Friday, October 28, 2016

Exploring Madrid's Barrio Salamanca

Thursday, 27 October, 2016:

I made the conscious decision to spend the bulk of my continued exploration into a part of Madrid that I had not been to before.

My target area was the Salamanca barrio of the capital.

Do not confuse this barrio with the great city of Salamanca that is at the top of my list of cities to visit once Laurie arrives.

Got off the green #9 Metro
at Principe de Vergara

I emerged into the fringe of barrio Salamanca in need of nourishment.

Found It!

No time to change the winning routine, cafe con leche and a pincho of tortilla Español it was.

No churros or porous for me, my body is a temple!

Lots of old books for sale

In the 1870s, the Marquis de Salamanca began construction of this barrio which at that time was barren land just outside Madrid's main core. By the time that the original project was completed in the 1920s, Salamanca was Madrid's premier address.

 Lots of great architecture
in Barrio Salamanca

 See what I mean?

Love it!

Laurie's coming, I'll
need some of these soon

The first words/thoughts that popped into my head while traversing this barrio were upscale, pricey, Rodeo Drive, out of my league, etc.

I got the feeling that if you entered one of the many stores and found the need to ask how much something costs, you probably should not have gone in in the first place.

Now that's a doorway!

Blitz? Dooley?

Who did this to Andy, Jenn and Kevin's dog?

Visigoths invading Las Vegas no doubt.

Church Architecture


Catholics and our Dragons

This is an elementary school

It didn't look anything at all like Camarillo's venerable Las Posas Elementary School.

Oh Boy!

Let it be proclaimed yet again from the mountain tops, I LOVE EUROPE'S TRADITIONAL FOOD MARKETS!

Barrio Salamanca's Mercado de la Paz is also upscale as many of Madrid's top restaurants and chefs buy their goods here.

Saffron in bulk anyone?

I'd buy this fish for
the can's colors alone

Goodness sakes alive!

A good food market must have
fresh produce

Lots of fresh produce

Almost Halloween in Spain too

I like ribs

I also love jamon iberico

Lots of jamon iberico


Shellfish too


Laurie loves these olive stands

Me, not so much.

The Mercado also has a needed
shoe repair shop

The Deli & Croq
Croquetas Gourmet

They sell croquetas with 23 different fillings ready for the customer to take home and fry themselves.


 I love cheese too

Yes, I know, I'm a barbarian
for loving foie gras

Maybe there is a drop or two of Visigoth blood in me from an ancient relative.

 Who wouldn't want to eat
lunch under a boar's head

Customers having a morning snack

This is more to my liking

You have to have wine
with your meal

It's only civilized.

I was ready to move on . . .

. . . when this bodega came into view

Well, now I had to go in

The bodega was a classic!

A random fountain

The Carrusel Serrano

Also known as the Carrusel de Belle Epoque because of its 19th century styling, this is a kid's delight in front of one of Spain's many El Corte Inglés department stores.

More Barrio Salamanca
Blue tiles are GRANDE in España

Nice apartment building

Moorish architecture is good too

Serene Moorish style building

I suddenly felt safer

GREAT balcony!

How old is this door?

Barrio Salamanca's avant-garde
open air sculpture garden

 Iberian Bulls

 Beats me?

I loved how the sun reflecting off
of a nearby building lit up this
piece of art

 Abstract art


Granite spheres

Cube near a waterfall

Heavy duty suspension

Sun reflected shadows from that
nearby building continued to
add to the artsy feeling

To sum up, Barrio Salamanca was great!

I decided to board the Metro, Madrid's fabulous mass transportation system, and head to one of Madrid's more unusual sites.

Now this is outdoor art to me

Memorial to those who died on
this site defending the old
Cuartel de la Montaña
during the Spanish Civil War

The Cuartel no longer exists, instead it now is the site of that unusual dice that I mentioned earlier, the . . .

. . . Templo de Debod

Yes, it is an intact Egyptian temple!


In 1968, the Egyptian government gave Spain its own ancient temple. They were grateful for Spanish dictator Franco's help in rescuing monuments that had been threatened by the rising Nile River waters above the Aswan Dam.

The view from behind
the Templo de Debod

Wait, is that a satellite campus
of the University of La Verne
in the distance?

 A gift to Madrid from the
people of Mexico

 A tribute to an uprising by
Madrileños against the occupying
French troops in 1808

Near Plaza de España

Plaza de Espańa

 Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra

Don Quixote and Sancho Panza

The heroes of Cervantes' best known work.

Another nice apartment building
near Gran Via

Anybody up for bowling a
few frames?

Books in English!

 Félix Lope de Vega

An interesting character/rascal in Spanish history, Lope de Vega was a notorious womanizer, a noted playwright, a husband and a father who, at the age of 50, became a Catholic priest.

Interesting . . .

I think that I posted this before
from our night walk last Saturday

Whatever you do, don't pee under this window!

This is nice looking building . . .

. . . which faces a school

Nondescript, it has a dark past as it served as the headquarters of the . . .

 . . . Spanish Inquisition from
1780 to 1820

Lots of unpleasant things happened in this building's basement area over these 40 years.

Artsy window grating

And some more

It looked inviting

Be strong . . .

Stay on target . . .

I did it, lots of looking but no sweets on my walk.

Back on the Metro for the
19 station ride home

Armanda del Rey
construction art

I think that these are the gas or electric lines to the various apartments in our building.

Thursday night, 9:15 p.m.-11:00 p.m., it's time for . . .


 Tackling Station #1
Uppercut and High Knees

 Tackling Station #2
Pilates Ball Upper Cut

Tackling Station #3
Gator Tackle

Eight brand spanking new
American footballs for the Stings!

Jesús and I both love working with these players and coaches, great people with great attitude and desire to learn and improve.

What more can a coach ask for from a team?

Another day was over and when I looked at the Health App on my iPhone I realized that . . .

 . . . I walked a lot today!

Reading Is FUNdamental!


Thank you Mike D'antuono
for getting me hooked
on this series

Jack Reacher left us with a manageable body count but this installment worried me about the long term effects of all of his battles on his health.

And the COUNTDOWN is now at . . .

. . . more days until Laurie is here


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