Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Falcons Home Opener

Chambéry Aigles (0-1)
Bron-Villeurbanne Falcons (1-0)

Pre-Game Equipment Issue

On Sunday, your Falcons played the second game of the 2012-13 season as hosts of the always dangerous club from Chambéry. We would be playing our first game in front of our home crowd this season.

Time to pick up the home Bordeaux colored jerseys.

The Falcon Cheerleaders

They did a great job whipping the crowd into a frenzy by the time the game kicked off.

I hope it was because of the football game.

The Falcon Defense
played GREAT!!!

The morning was greeted by a slight drizzle but it would have no real effect on the game.

A big concern for us was that our import Free Safety could not play in the game due to an injury and our import QB does not arrive until after the holidays. The Aigles were suiting up two import players today so the job got much tougher.

It was great to get our Defensive Coordinator, Stephen Wohlert, back just before the kick off. He had been sent to Colorado for the last two weeks on business.

His intensity is always a good thing on our sidelines.

The Aigles received the opening kickoff but good coverage by the Falcons pinned them deep in their end of the field. The Falcon defense forced a three and out punt that was pressured greatly by a fierce punt rush. The Aigles punt only covered 15 yards.

The Falcons came out throwing the ball very well but would eventually turn the ball over on downs on the Goal Line.

The Aigles were again forced into a three and out punt. This time the punt rush was able to flush the punter out of his rhythm and tackle him well short of a first down.

Brice Rontet wasted no time in sprinting the nine yards to pay dirt for a Falcons' TD. The PAT kick was no good but the boys from Bron-Villeurbanne had the early lead 6-0. We would never look back.

The Aigles go three and out for their third straight possession. This time they do get off a solid punt.

The Falcons are driving as the First Quarter comes to a close with the Falcons winning 6-0.

The Falcons move the ball but have to punt.

The Chambéry team puts together a solid drive but the Falcon defense comes up big with a fourth down stop at our own nine yard line.

The Falcons are not capable on cashing in on a Franck Berenice 40 yard run as they turn the ball over on downs deep again in the Chambéry end of the field.

DB Armand Mbonjo lays a HUGE hammer hit on an Aigles running back forcing a fumble. LB Sam Ajavon recovered the ball for the Falcons. BIG PLAY!!!

The Falcons mount a good drive as they fight the clock and the impending intermission. On the final play of the first half, QB Mathieu Paredes hits WR Emrah Bayrak on a 25 yard TD strike. The two point PAT attempt fails but the Falcons lead 12-0 at the break.

The Falcons received the second half kickoff. On our first play, a poor shotgun snap over our QB's head made it an unenviable second and a mile at our own one yard line. QB Mathieu Paredes then ripped off a very slow and deliberate 60 yard scamper. Paredes would end the drive with a one yard TD run. The PAT was again no good but the Falcons were in full control with a lead of 18-0.

The Aigles start a time consuming drive that was aided by a roughing the punter penalty. Four downs later, due to a tough minded group of Falcon defenders, the Aigles turned the ball over on downs. A big QB sack by Sam Ajavon and Remi Laurecon was the key play after the penalty.

These two run oriented dives brought the Third Quarter to an end with Bron-Villeurbanne still up 18-0.

The Falcons ate up over eight minutes by grinding the ball down the field. We did not score but we forced the Aigles to use their final timeout before the drive stalled at the Aigles ten yard line.

The Aigles were forced to punt.

The Falcons then ran the best play in American football to perfection . . . VICTORY! Two of these kneel downs by the QB and the Falcons had improved to 2-0 by virtue of today's 18-0 win.

We played a much cleaner, smarter game than we did in our first game two weeks ago.

We played very well in all three phases of the game which was a very good feeling.

The hitting was greatly improved which made this old coach smile.

DB Armand Mbonjo earns the
Aigles Game Hammer Award

His big hit that forced a fumble that we recovered was the game changer.


Now, lets take a look at how our league looks after the third weekend of games.

Division III - Sud Poule C

Week #3 Results
Bron-Villeurbanne 18 - Chambéry 0
St.-Cergues 28 - Lyon 0
BYE: Clermont Ferrand

St.-Cergues Bulldogs 3-0
Bron-Villeurbanne Falcons 2-0
Lyon Les Gones 1-2
Chambéry Aigles 0-2
Clermont Ferrand Servals 0-2

Week #4 Games
Sunday, December 9, 2012
St.-Cergues (3-0) at Bron-Villerubanne (2-0)
Clermont Ferrand (0-2) at Chambéry (0-2)
BYE: Lyon (1-2)

As you can see, this is a BIG game for both the Bulldogs and the Falcons. These are the final games before the long holiday break in the French season.

The winner of our contest on December 9th will be in sole possession of the league lead until the next round of games on February 8, 2013.

We need two good weeks of practice to have any chance of beating the very physical and talented Bulldogs.



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