Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Chilly Wednesday

More rain today and the temperatures are dropping but our preparations must continue as we prepare for Cadet and Junior games at home this weekend.

As Murphy's Law dictates, I left my keys to the practice facilities at home by accident. When I realized my mistake while riding the bus, I thought to myself, no problem. I was confident that our Cadet Head Coach would bring his.

Of course, for the first time all season, he was stuck at work and was not be able to arrive for at least another 45 minutes. One of the player's Mother offered to drive me to The Villa to get the keys and thus speed up the process. Of course, we hit heavy traffic but we finally made it.

Merci for the ride, Dominique!!!

Coach Fred "Papy" Bastiand 

Here with our Cadet team, he gives them the overview of the night's practice plan and informs them of the time schedule for this Saturday's football carnival. We will be scrimmaging with at least two other teams at our home field at Stade Pierre Duboeuf at 2:00 p.m.

It should be fun as the Cadets face other teams for the first time this season.

Nice Sox

Defensive players tend to be a bit wacky. 

The Junior team doing Lombardies

About 30 minutes into this second practice of the evening, my hands went 100% numb as the combination of 4ºC/39ºF temperatures, constant rain and and a howling wind did a number on me.

I love Falcon Weather!!!

Head Coach Olivier Caldes had the players do a few Lombardies to get used to the conditions.

Novel idea.

The Juniors play a home game on Sunday.

After these two practices were finished, I got a chance to give counsel to three players from Washington, Tulane and Colorado who are trying to further their careers by playing in Europe.

I really enjoy spreading the word on this great experience to new players and coaches who are ready to take the first step towards a fantastic adventure. 

Reading Is FUNdamental

The Master Sleuth
was at it again!

I just love Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's short stories from 221B Baker Street. This fun read featured a dozen more tales of the cases solved my our savant of deductive reasoning.

Great fun indeed!

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