Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Easy Tuesday

Monsoon hits Bron! 

On Monday night, 19 very brave, tough, crazy "B" team players joined two equally dazed coaches for a practice in a torrential downpour! Most of our field resembled a lake and we were without a QB but still, for two hours, we persevered!

Love my Falcons!

Going Postal!

On Tuesday I walked about a mile to my local post office to buy some stamps and get a little exercise. The door was locked and a note on the door informed me that this would be the only post office in all of France would be closed today.

Of course.

The magical Place Bellecour

I opted to head downtown to Chez Jackie, one of my favorite spots for lunch. This is a great place for simple but well prepared meal with a local flavor.

The muddy River Saône

Monday's rainstorm brought a lot of rich, brown French soil into this peaceful waterway today.

Fortunately there is a bike repair
shop just a few blocks away 

The Mean Streets of
Vieux Lyon

How much would this door
cost today?

Café anyone? 

Vieux Lyon Patio

Moss in late Autumn

Now there is an interesting

They go up 

St.George at it again 

They really do call it
Le Royal Cheese

The price is right but, no merci, I prefer Chez Jackie.

We traded an on the field practice opportunity Tuesday night for a team meeting to review our tape of Sunday's Falcons-Aigles game.

It was a very good session and well worth the trade off.

We had a lot of good questions and the players were open to a little constructive criticism.

The Senior Falcons (2-0) will all be back on the field Thursday night to start our preparations for our game with our league's top team, the St-Cergues Bulldogs (3-0).

I'll be home in Camarillo two weeks from today, can't wait!

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