Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Lyon is a WONDERFUL City

Today we take a look at some of the great scenes that I have discovered while roaming the streets of Lyon.


Lyon is very proud of its beautiful murals that can be found all over the city.

Let's take a look at a few.

La Croix-Rousse

This Bohemian section of Lyon was made famous by its outstanding silk weavers.

Also in La Croix-Rousse

Puppet Theaters are BIG in Lyon

Loading up a 21st Century
Silk Wagon

Silk Weaver at Work

Is that Wells Fargo?

I'm not sure what
he is trying to do

A mural about art

Classy looking Music School

Another Music Shop

Craig McKenzie are you listening?

Ian Murphy are you listening?

Interesting . . .

A Fun House

Carnies in Lyon, film at eleven!!!

Nice Detail

The Lyon City Crtest

The Murphy Clan at work

A Wedding in Vieux Lyon

Red Dog Drain Pipe

Sure, why not!

Boulangerie Art

Lonely Shoes

Flashy Shoes

Always of interest to me are the people of Lyon.

Open Window



Bilbao, Spain fans in town for a
game with Olympique Lyonnais

Hanging out at the
Roman Amphitheater

Just hanging out

Walking to Notre Dame Basilica

Lunch by the River Saône

Lunch Date

The Band

Signs, Signs,
Everywhere the Signs . . .

WARNING: Cars can
BLOW UP on this street!!!

So THAT'S where babies come from . . .

Killed by the Germans in WWII

Advertising for the
 Musée de Gallo-Romains

The museum is dedicated to the archaeology of the Roman era in Gaul, a.k.a., France.

This poster can be seen all over town to inform people of the interesting temporary exhibit now on display. This exhibit shows dozens of movie clips of films from various countries about gladiators, Caesar, the Roman Legions and the Roman Empire. Of course the Ben Hur chariot race was being shown as well as scenes from The Gladiator among many, many others.

I found the museum's choice for their poster of interest. The two movie stars featured are Yul Brynner and Anne Baxter. The movie is Cecil B. DeMille's 1956 epic biblical film, The Ten Commandments. This film is about Moses leading the Jews out of Egypt during the Exodus, nary a Roman to be found in the whole cast!

The Parc de la Tête d'Or

The Parc is a large oasis
of solitude in a big city

It has a beautiful lake . . .

Serene Pathways . . .

Interesting Art Work . . .

Rugged Outdoor Furniture . . .

And even some creepy bushes!

Outside of Lyon's
Modern Art Museum

I love this fountain in the
Place des Terreaux

What the . . .


Plant Behind Glass

What time is it?

Are you looking at me?

Flower stand near
Cimetiére de Loyasse

Interesting Hearse

The Roman Amphitheater
is over 2,000 years old

Musée de Gallo-Romains

Two Faced Roman

You don't see these much anymore

Must be from Sicily

This is a really good museum with a very manageable, yet thorough collection. A good place to go on a rainy day.

Cool Bike

Specializing in Ancient Books

No rest for the wicker

Some more of my
Water Colors

The view of Lyon to the East
from atop Fourviére Hill

The view of Lyon to the North
from atop Fourviére Hill

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David said...

I'm thinking that exploding car sign may actually mean "Citroen dealership ahead."