Thursday, November 29, 2012

"It's a French Speciality . . ."

I am definitely battling the prolonged effects of being out in the elements at practice and our games the past few days.

Nothing that some aspirin and a little Vin Chaud can't fix I believe.

Today was yet another chapter of "Thursdays With Mary" at our AVF foreigners club that meets weekly in the Vieux Lyon.

As you may recall, last week we made some American goodies for the club members to enjoy. This week it was Malaysian Food Day at the club.

Our Malaysian Friends putting the
finishing touches on our dining experience

They did a GREAT job preparing
delicious delicacies

Mary and Mendy

Mendy took the time to explain to Mary and me what we were eating. Unlike later in the day, it all sounded good and was delicious.

The fact that most of their offerings would fit nicely on any one's dessert menu didn't bother me at all.


After the meeting, I started roaming the Vieux Lyon, St-Just, Perrache and Croix Rousse districts in search of items to purchase as Christmas presents. I must admit that the cold weather has got me into Christmas mood this Holiday Season.

While at the Lyon Christmas Market today, one of the vendors recognized me and outed me to some of his customers when he told them my true identity . . .
Pére Noël

It was time for lunch, so I took the St-Just Funicular to one of my favorite restaurants, Les Caprices de Sophie.

The owner is always friendly and outgoing every week when I stop by for a meal. He even calls out my name when I enter, how Cronies-like can you get?

I usually order the Plat Du Jour and have yet to be disappointed. I always ask him to not tell me what I'm eating until after I'm done so that I don't have any preconceived prejudices pop up to spoil my latest French Cuisine dining experience.

I always remember the words of my sainted Abuela who always prompted me to at least try a dish. If I didn't like it, it was OK with her but at least try it.

Today, the owner/waiter was really excited about the Plat Du Jour. He told me that it was widely known to be the favorite dish of former French President (1995-2007) Jacques Chirac who was celebrating his 80th birthday today. So, to celebrate this special day, Chirac's favorite dish became the Plat Du Jour.

What was this dish you ask?

Tête de Veau with
Sauce Bibiche

Now, when our owner/waiter first started to tell me, in his excitement, about the Plat Du Jour, he described it as being a "French Speciality." This is a French restaurant code phrase for . . .

First, let me say THANK GOD for a glass of strong red wine, a carafe of water, half a baguette, two boiled potatoes, some steamed carrots and extremely good sauce bibiche!

The sauce has a mustard base so I was happy.

Tête de Veau is Calf's Head. I felt much better when he told me that the recipe did not call for the calf's eyes.

Interesting textures including some gelatinous layers and chewy meat.

Not my favorite dish to date but it was not too bad. It had very little flavor had it not been for the sauce bibiche.

I'm not so sure that this meal was "Oh so good for me!"

The dessert and café were excellent as usual.

P.S. If Jacques Chirac runs for office again any time soon, he probably will not be getting my vote.

Mike D'Antuono: 
Jack Reacher is in Lyon!

The Tony Parker Burger

The San Antonio Spurs' Point Guard is French. 

Parker owns a part of the professional basketball team here, the Asvel Lyon-Villeurbanne. They are currently in third place in their 16 team league with a record of 5-3, one game behind the co-leaders of the circuit, Chalon and Le Mans both 6-2.

Quick is the "French McDonalds." I ate at one in Nîmes a few weeks ago and didn't think much of it. I have a Quick about a three minute walk from The Villa but I have yet to buy any food there.

After today's lunch, what the hell, what have I got to lose.

No, I do NOT plan on eating here!!!

It was a good day in which I did get a lot of Christmas shopping accomplished. Now it is on to our last practice of the week from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. with our Senior team.

Bon Appetit!!!


David said...

Once you've had the calf head, it's a pretty easy step to the dog's bollocks.

George said...

I think not!