Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Calm Two Days in Lyon

After my fast paced weekend, I enjoyed a relatively calm two days to start the new work week.

The view of the Vieux Lyon
just never gets old to me

Ghost Arches on the Cathedral Annex

Romance on the Saône River

New structure on the Place Bellecour

Personally, I'm hoping for a huge Ferris wheel.

Nice Dog

Sure, Agip Oil Company's six legged, fire breathing dog logo is just a sweetheart I'm sure.

The Christmas shopping season
comes early in Lyon

I saw these decorations at the Part-Dieu Mall today, two days before America's Thanksgiving Thursday.

Two more nights of practice in the books. We had a very good fundamentals practice with the Senior "B" team for two hours on Monday. Unfortunately, their game this weekend was rescheduled today to December 9th due to field availability issues here in Bron.

New Junior Team
Practice Jerseys

The Juniors will hit the road for their first game of the season on Saturday at the home of the Clermont Ferrand Servals.

Senior Practice Tuesday

Good turnout tonight, the competition between the offense and defense continues to be fierce. This is making both groups better every time that we practice.

That is a GOOD THING!

One more practice before our second Senior game of the season. This will be the Falcons' (1-0) home opener against the Chambery Aigles (0-1).

Reading Is FUNdamental

The title definitely caught my eye

This was the first book I saw a few weeks ago when I got my library card at the Lyon Public Library.

On about my third trip to the library's English language book section I decided to read it.

It is the author's memoir of meeting his estranged father when he was working as a caseworker in a homeless shelter in Boston. 

As a teenager, the author had received letters from his almost complete stranger of a father who declared himself to be a poet and con man. His father, at that time, was doing time in a federal prison for bank robbery.

This book details the depressing path that both father and son took onto the streets, into that shelter and at last to each other.

Depressing, as I said, but also quite interesting. 

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