Friday, November 9, 2012

Last Practice

It was a "Thursday With Mary" day here in Lyon, so I joined Mary Robinson Hubert for our weekly outing to the foreigners living in Lyon club meeting in the Vieux Lyon district.

Three nice ladies of Filipino ancestry prepared food from their native land for us to savor.

So I did.

It was good and I was able to restrain myself from overindulging for once. It was interesting to find out that all three of these nice women are cousins of Rio Mesa's Gordy Abellera.

Afterwards I did a lot of walking to some parts of Lyon that were new to me. Goodness they have a lot of restaurants in this town!

In the evening we held our final practice before our Senior "A" team's season opener this Sunday against the Lyon Les Gones, our crosstown rivals. It was a very good workout from both a tempo and effort standpoint. We will need to play really well against the Les Gones who are 1-0 going into our first game.

Finally, while I was out roaming the city, FedEx tried to deliver my new computer today. I will be anchored to The Villa on Friday awaiting the delivery of this much missed bit of modern day technology. Pictures from France will be back on the blog hopefully very soon.


Reading Is FUNdamental

I finished another short story mini-anthology today from the Lyon Library. This book featured two tales from Dashiell Hammett. The two noir stories were Creeping Siamese and Nightshade. These were perfect stories for the day's bus/Metro rides around town.

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Olivier R said...

Yes indeed, Lyon is not the food capital of the world for nothing. that city has restaurants!!!