Friday, November 9, 2012

Long Day of Waiting

It turns out that while FedEx tried to deliver my computer yesterday while I was out, they had no plans to try again today. Unfortunately, they did not let me know this, so I spent the entire day at The Villa "waiting for Godot."

The word from their spokesman when I called their local office was that they would try to deliver again on Monday. When queried, he did say that their offices were open until 7:30 p.m. tonight and that I could pick it up there. FedEx would be closed on the weekend.

Thus armed with my iPhone's map application I tried in vain to find the office. This inability of my iPhone to do anything but make and receive phone calls and SMS messages when not hooked up to a WiFi connection has been irritating the last few weeks.

Now it is flat out FRUSTRATING!!!

My spirits were bolstered when I met up with Falcon Ludo Dornier at Place Bellecour to enjoy the offerings at a food and wine festival. After several delicious samples that Ludo recommended of local meats and cheeses, I had almost gotten over my laptop frustrations.

I did purchase some interesting cheese, sausage, sweet sauces and juice from the various local tradesmen at the fair. I should dine well the next two days.

On the bright side, The Villa is the cleanest it has been in a few weeks.

Someday, Apple MacBook, someday . . .

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