Saturday, October 27, 2012

We've got some catching up to do

Without photo uploading abilities while instill await a new computer, blogging on the iPad continues to have drawbacks including the inability to use proper French accent marks.

On Wednesday, I returned to the Parc de la Tete d'Or to explore this huge and tranquil greenway. I ended my splendid walk by visiting Lyon's Musee d'Art Contemporain. The museum's main exhibit was the work of Erik Satie's musical minimalism.


We had good Cadet and Junior practices that night.
Thursday was marked by transportation issues. My ride to Lyon's downtown usually takes 30 minutes, today it took 75. This included being trapped in a Metro elevator for 5 minutes and nearly getting hit by a very silent electric bus. LOOK BOTH WAYS BEFORE CROSSING THE STREET!

I joined Mary Robinson Hubert for another "Thursday with Mary." This time we met for the dedication of Lyon's new America House that hopes to promote for further improvement of all Franco-American relations. Lots of dignitaries were in attendance including the U.S. Ambassador to France. The food and wine were both nice touches.

After the ceremonies, I took the funicular up to Fourviere to see the St. Michael the Archangel art exhibit at the museum next to the Notre Dame Basilica.

Lots of supporters in their colors of Spain's Bilbao Athletic Club soccer team who played Olympique Lyon in a Euro Cup game. OL won it 2-1.

Our Senior practice was VERY good Thursday night!

On Friday, there were two highlights. First, my first kebab at the Aki Baba 1 Kebab store . . . GOOD!

I joined Falcons Ludo Dornier and Mathieu Paredes for a huge wine tasting festival in Lyon in the evening that featured  well over 200 independent vineyards from all over France. In a very pleasant surprise, we were joined by Mathieu's future bride, the lovely Floriane Ponsard. Depending on Mathieu's English, they are getting married in either 2014 or 2040.

I'm guessing he meant 2014.

The great thing about attending the wine festival with these three is that they really know there French wines. Thus we were able to go directly to their excellent choices for tasting everything from Champagne to Beaujolais to an excellent Bordeaux and everything in between.

What a fantastic night with good new friends.

Saturday it rained all day, so I stayed in The Villa and watched a Big Bang Theory marathon on TV followed by the original Frankenstein movie with Boris Karloff as The Monster. The main reason that I opted to stay out of the weather today was my desire to see Lyon's rugby team play at home tonight at 18h30 against Colomiers. I think, hope, that the stadium is covered.

On Sunday, our Falcon developmental "B" team (1-2) will travel to the 1968 Winter Olympic host city of Grenoble to play the Centaures "B" club. It is predicted to be in the mid-30s at kickoff time and snow is a possibility. It should be interesting as usual.


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