Thursday, October 4, 2012

Walking les Rues des Lyon

I bought a Michelin guidebook of the greater Auvergne and Rhone Valley before I came to France.

Included in the guidebook are 40 pages on Lyon. I have decided to use it for the many interesting walks that are outlined within the Lyon city limits.

On Wednesday, I took Michelin's walk #2 in the La Presqu'île district.

Interesting Building

When I came up out of the Metro's Cordeliers exit, this was the first building I saw.

Église St.-Bonaventure

This church is architecturally bare and simple inside as is the Franciscan way.

If only it was named after some other saint.

The Église's entryway

The simple main altar

A side altar

While the majority of the church is simple, the many stain glass windows are not. 

Exhibit A

Exhibit B


A saint with a machete,

Another fine side altar

Pain . . .  je t'aime!!!

Quaint Café

Rue Mercére

Restaurants, restaurants, restaurants . . .

A little early for the lunch crowd

I need one of these

Still too soon for lunch

A Waiter Waiting

Aromas emanating

I need a croissant, STAT!!!

Dylan Patrick Moore

First customers

Cool street lamp

A pink reminder, October is
Cancer Awareness Month

The Flatiron Building?

Place des Jacobins

A second Flatiron Building?

Oh, by the way, my body is a . . . 

Yes, "A Temple"


An Incorruptible Hair Salon

I need a hair cut.

The Lyon Theater
in the Place des Célestins

Big Mouth

Student Artists at work and . . .

. . . at lunch


Nice Knocker


A Hare that cooks?

King Louis XIV
on Place Bellecour


In the evening, the Falcon's were back at it for four hours as the Cadets and Juniors practiced again. They both worked hard but I wish that a few more Juniors had been there.

On Thursday, it was off to the Accueil des Villes Françaises headquarters to meet again with other foreigners about life in Lyon. I am now an official card carrying member of the AVF!

After the meeting, I enjoyed a typical long lunch in Vieux Lyon with three of my new friends from the AVF.

Lunch with Mary, Gérard and Viviane

The food and wine were delightful but the friendship was much better.

Les Adrels was intimate

Next year's fashions were
on display at Les Adrels

Les Adrels' kitchen

After lunch, I said good bye to my friends and took the funicular up to the top of Fourviére Hill.

Basilique Notre-Dame

St. James of Camino de
Santiago fame . . .

. . . being beheaded

A minor altar

Must be an amgel

Made me think of
"Candle Lighting" Laurie

The crux of Christianity

Mosaic floor of interest

Saint Mark

I love these Lyonnaise streets
but beware . . .

Commie bastards
lurk everywhere

The Senior practice on Thursday night was well attended and very spirited. We continue to progress.

Now, if we could just land a new American QB . . .


David said...

You would prefer the church was named for Oaks Christian?

George said...


Perish the thought.