Thursday, October 11, 2012

Washing in the Comfort of The Villa

If its Thursday, it must be time to meet the gang at the AVF club in Vieux Lyon for coffee and chatting about everyone's recent adventures. Mary Robinson Hubert was nice to me today and did not rub it in too much about her Oregon Ducks shellacking my Washington Huskies again last Saturday.

I really do enjoy these weekly meetings.

Afterwards, I roamed the city for a bit in search of that elusive, perfect pain chocolate.

I love witch hat turrets

Happy Guard Dog

Murals are BIG in Lyon

Same Building, Ground Floor

Three Guys Hanging Out

Lunch Bunch

I need my pain chocolate NOW!!!


I like the fleurs

Didn't Irma La Douce live here?

Sainte Blandine

A Lyonnaise favorite, she was martyed in Lyon for her faith in 177 A.D. during the reign of Marcus Aurelius.

The Color Purple

Avant Garde Statue with . . .

. . . BIG Rollerskates

Interesting Modern Fountain
at Place Louis Pradel

Laundry Day

I failed to get our new, previously owned, washing machine to work on Wednesday night. With guidance, I had it up and running this afternoon. It only takes about 30 minutes to do a load, so I went wild and did five loads.

The clothes should be dry by Saturday.

Thursday Night Lights
Merci to Brice Rontet for this photo

Our Senior practice tonight was well attended despite a rain storm that began about 30 minutes before we started and finally let up about 30 minutes before we finished.

We had a physical workout planned with lots of 1-on-1 blocking drills and a good session of one of my favorites, Oklahoma Drill. The Falcons responded well to all of our challenges.

I was very happy with our quick passing game tonight.

We're getting better.

My Provence weekend starts Friday, YAHOO!!! 


Olivier R said...

Arles is in Provence but don't tell the Nimois that their city is in Provence, that could get you killed! LOL. Nîmes is in Langedoc...and i some ways still in the roman empire!

George said...

You are 100 % correct on Nimes not being in Provence but it sure feels like it!