Thursday, October 18, 2012

One Month in Lyon

The Whole World is to the Right! 

I left the comfort of our home in Camarillo, which is located about an hour north of Los Angeles, four weeks ago today.

I really do miss my family and friends, that is definitely the hardest part of living abroad. Thank goodness that the internet is able to keep us all in touch easily.

Autumn is in the air in Lyon

I wonder how long these cobblestones have been here?

Mother Mary watching over Lyon 

Cleaning Up to Start the Day

 Tapestries For Sale

The Always Colorful Vieux Lyon 

Getting Ready for a New Day


Specializing in Old Books

The World's First Pharmacie? 

My reason for being in Lyon early this mornig was to join up with Mary Robinson Hubert for our weekly Thursday morning AVF meeting. The AVF is the club for people living in Lyon that are ex-pats from just about every country that you can mention.

Today the AVF had a food theme at which members from a country share food from their native culture with the other members.

Japanese Food Day at the AVF



 Pulley Up Close

Have I mentioned that Lyon
believes in vibrant colors? 

Still have to buy Christmas
presents for the grandsons

Notre Dame atop the hill 

Hearts remind me of Laurie 

End of a Morning Market

Fleurs are always nice

Another Pharmacie

"I live above the Le Boui Boui Café" 

Almost Lunch Time

Nice Shop

This  STEEP rue eventually
leads to Notre Dame

Julien Urgenti tried to kill me the first time that I met him last spring by leading me up this winding path.

Puppets are big in Lyon 

Nice looking Café 

I like red restaurants

Lyon Lion

Blue is good too

I like this street! 

Smoke Break
but not for me

St. Georges

I know that I said that I wasn't going into another church in the month of October, but it was dedicated to St. Georges for goodness sake. What else could I do?

Cool Pulpit

St. Louis

St. Joan of Arc

I went to school with John Walsh
from the 6th through 12th grades 

In France? 

Delightful narrow rues

Saucy Pigs

Trying to make
St. Georges'victim cute? 

 Old Door

Part of the Irish Invasion
into France

St. Georges Church

A European Tradition

Fall in love.

Buy a lock.

Attach it to a site near water with your significant other.

Throw the key into the water.

Voila! A symbol of your undying love for each other.

Leaves are falling 

The Color of the day is Red
on the Saône River

Laurie would like this I think 

 Chez Jackie

That is Jackie herself in the kitchen. The aromas were wonderous, so I decided to try their cuisine.

The chicken pasta was

Artist At Work

I was trying to take a picture of the
Merry-Go-Round in the background
when she got in the way

It never ceases to be a joy
to roam the streets of Lyon

The Senior practice tonight was well attended and brimming with enthusiasm. The Falcons are just a great group of young men to be around.

I like our chances for the fast approaching season!

This Sunday our developmental, everyone plays "B" team (1-1) hits the road for a game with the Valence Sharks. It should be another interesting afternoon.


David said...

Yeah, I always hate when attractive women jump in the way of stationary objects.

Olivier R said...

St Georges is my favorite district in Lyon, thanks for the photos! and to confirm the great irish pubs of the St georges street are still there...(they still must live with the interests of all the money i spent their duuring my students years!). Good luck in Valence.

steveswindle said...

You live above a Cafe, how appropriate!! Too bad it isn't on "Rue St. Georges", that would be too cool.....

George said...

No Steve, not me, I live in The Villa in the suburbs of Lyon.

Nancy said...

Hi! I am enjoying your blog, especially the great pictures, since we will be visiting our daughter (known to you as "coach" McCoid) in December. If your team is still playing in December we'd love to see a game. Thanks for letting Kelly assist with the team,
Nancy McCoid

George said...

Kelly is doing a nice job for us, we will have games until the 9th of December. I'll post more if and when I get my computer back up and running. I can't blog from my iPad for some reason.

steveswindle said...

Oops, I misread your post. Oh well, it sure could have been a great place to live, haha!!

I'm dreaming of Chocolate Croissants and beautiful French women...Ooh La La!!!

Olivier R said...

Nancy, coming early in december to visit your daughter could be a great idea... Falcons game the 9th and it will be the same week end of the wonderful "Fetes des Lumières", the nicest festival of the year in Lyon.