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Falcon "B" Team vs. Annecy Avalances Game

Falcons "B" vs. Avalanches

Sorry for the delay in posting the last few days, our server has been giving me fits on anything blog related for some mysterious reason.

On Sunday, our Falcon "B" team (0-1) played a home game against the Annecy Avalanches (0-0).

Our biggest concern was to first cut our turnovers in half from last week's six. Against St. Étienne last Sunday, we lost two fumbles, threw two interceptions and botched two punt situations.


These have nothing to do with the game today but I thought that they brightened up my ten minute walk to the stadium on an day with overcast, threatening skies.

Once I got to the stadium, I decided to walk the game field to see how it was holding up after some rain during the night.

Quickly, I was reminded of our stature in the French sports pecking order.

I already knew that we were not playing on the main game field due to a rugby game that was scheduled way before the FFFA released the American football schedules for 2012-13.

Rugby is probably France's #2 sport after soccer. Thus we were playing on the stadium's side field.

 What is a rugby ball doing
on our game field?

Simple really . . .

Another rugby club had scheduled a practice in the morning on our field. 

They passed well

We finally were able to get on the field at 12:30 p.m. to start our warm-ups.

 Falcons Stretching

BIG Avalanches

A colorful game as both teams were in their home game uniforms.

At about this time, I was called into the referee's locker room to go over the usual pre-game questions.

In California, the referees come to the coaches of each team separately to discuss these pre-game issues.

In France, both team's coaches go to the referees locker room at the same time for this meeting.

When the Head Referee asked us if we had any trick plays that they needed to know about, I had to giggle. What good is a trick play when you describe it to both the referees and the opposing coach?

Of course, the Avalanches' coach put things in perfect perspective. How could either of us have any trick plays when we are both struggling to just install the basics with all of our rookie players.

Another golden moment in EuroBall.

 Kelly McCoid

Kelly is from the San Francisco Bay area and, unfortunately, is a Raider fan. I will try to keep an open mind on this since our older son Andrew suffers from the same disease.

She played LB in California for the championship Bay Area Bandits football team, is studying Cultural Studies and French at Lyon's University Jean Moulin and wants to help the Falcons in any way that she can.


Captains Out
#2 QB Mathieu Paredes and
#93 TE Geoffrey Moulton

We started the game by kicking off  to the club from Annecy. They promptly returned it for a TD but a block in the back penalty gave us a reprieve. The Avalanches drove down the field and had to settle for a Field Goal attempt. A bad snap and our alert defense saved the day.

Our offense put together a good, time consuming drive but we eventually turned the ball over on downs.

Our defense played with passion and forced the Avalanches into a "Three and Out" punt on the last play of the First Quarter with the score 0-0.

Falcon Kickoff

The Falcons put on another very good drive that ended with a one yard QB sneak by signal caller Matthieu Paredes for our first TD of the season. "Tim" Thibaud Rontet had a nice run to score two more points on our PAT attempt. The Falcons led 8-0.

The Falcons defense came up big again with a fumble recovery by Thomas Nigz.

The Bron-Villeurbanne squad returned the favor by fumbling the pigskin right back to Annecy.

The Avalanches proceeded to throw an interception thanks to a clean hit on the QB just as he was releasing the ball. Our Free Safety Guillaume Dine made the big play interception for the Falcons.

Annecy's defense played inspired football forcing the Falcons into a "Three and Out" punt.

The Avalanches were driving as the half came to an end with Bron-Villeurbanne still leading 8-0.

We were definitely playing better than we did last week and we were leading the turnover battle 2-1!

Falcon offense on the move

I need to work on our offensive line stances a lot more this week.

On the first play of the second half the Falcons connected on an apparent 70 yard TD bomb for a score but it was called back for too many men in the backfield. Both teams had now lost a long TD due to penalties. After a couple of first downs the Falcons punted.

The Avalaches moved the ball but were eventually forced to punt.

The Falcons turned the ball over on an interception bt the Avalanches Free Safety who made a very nice break on the ball.

The Annecy squad tried to go to the air but Bron-Villeurbanne Strong Safety Pierre Bouysset came up with the Falcons' second pick of the day!

The Falcons were driving as the Third Quarter came to a close with with Bron-Villeurbanne still leading 8-0.

Falcons on the run!

The Falcon drive would finish deep into Avalanches territory where the home team would turn the ball over on downs.

Annecy got a first down but would then punt after another good job by our defense.

Bron-Villeurbanne put together a very long, time consuming drive consisting of all running plays. Although the drive would stall out at the Avalanches 15 yard line, the Annecy squad woul only be left with 30 seconds to march the length of the field.

The Avalanches moved the ball a bit but the Falcons did a good job of keeping the ball in front of us and tackling the ball carriers in bounds to keep the clock running.

FINAL SCORE: Falcons "B" 8 - Avalanches 0

The Falcon defense was HUGE!!!

The Falcons were giddy after the game as our first win upped our record to 1-1 while the Avalanches are now 0-1.

Annecy's team played a good, hard, clean game. They have a clear vision of the developmental aspects of Division IV football.

I think that a big issue in the outcome of today's contest was that we had a game under our belts while the Annecy team had a BYE last week in the league's opening weekend of play.

Our defense played very, very well today.

We won the turnover battle 3-2 which was huge for the Falcons.

We have a BYE next week before travelling to Valence to play the Sharks on October 21st. We need two good week's of practice!

But still . . .


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