Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Random Thoughts on a Cold, Windy Wednesday

Due to my MacBook problems, I have been a bit remiss with the blog this week.

Here are some scenes from Lyon which have left me smiling.

Ad in the Bowels of the Metro 

We'll take anything that helps promote the game of American football in France.

Nice face mask.

New #1 Pain Chocolate

On Monday I met Kelly McCoid for lunch near this Patissier to discuss her role in coaching the Falcons. She will help out with our Wide Receiver corps as her time permits. If you recall, she is a graduate student who is doing a semester abroad after graduating from Mills College in Oakland, California.

In the small world category, I found out that she graduated from Garfield H.S. in Seattle, Washington just a few minutes from Husky Stadium.

As to the pain chocolate, it was warm, buttery, flakey and had a very rich dark chocolate center.

The big plus of this establishment is that it is only one bus and two Metro lines away from The Villa.

What price glory?

I need to start working on my

I don't know why it always seems
strange to me to see this store in France

The Apple Store at Part-Dieu

My "dead" Motherboard is still rolling along after undergoing a Lazarus-like experience on Tuesday.

Reading is FUNdamental


Ignatius J. Reilly is a most interesting train wreck of a character.

I'm sure that I'll be asked to play him in the upcoming movie based on the novel.

As for the Falcons, we continue to have well attended practices with lots of energy, but our coaching staff has taken some very serious hits in the last week.

Our very enthusiastic and dedicated Defensive Coordinator had back surgery last week and will be out for a month.

Our cerebral Offensive Coordinator landed a temporary job working at night for the rest of the month of October which means that he can't attend practices until the first of November.

Our original QB was going to arrive with me from California a month ago when I touched down in Lyon but was a no-show for personal reasons. I am still not 100% sure when our new QB will be arriving after finishing up his season in Norway last weekend.

Our QB coach was stranded in Paris (Is stranded the right word when one must be in Paris?) due to train problems and had to miss practice last night.

As a result of all of this, no one had keys to let us into the practice field last night. Thus, we went to Plan B and held a much needed one hour walk-through meeting that started in the parking lot, moved to a small open area next to a soccer/football field and finally to the practice fields once the keys arrived.

We play our first Senior "A" team game on November 11th after only seven more practices.

EuroBall is, if nothing else, interesting!

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