Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Search for the Perfect Croissant and Pain Chocolate

I spent Monday and Tuesday
touring the city

If you only learn one word of French,
this would be my suggestion!

I have made it my mission to find the best croissant and pain chocolate in the greater Lyon megalopolis.

I catch the #2 Tram here

Be the Hammer NOT the Nail

I literally bought all of the store's small hammers and still need two more to make it through the regular season.

Monday night's Cadet and Junior team practices were enthusiastic as usual but our numbers were down as rain was threatening.

Tuesday morning's first stop
near the Jean Macé tram exit

The café was strong and the croissant was quite good.

It was damp today

Checking out the world as it passes

Rhône River Cruise Boats

A Swan on the Rhône

I like it, but it is a tad pricey

I believe that this former prison
will soon be turned into a hotel

"Everybody in the old cell block . . ."

Missing Building

GREAT Pain Chocolate

This fine establishment is currently #1 in my pain chocolate rankings.

WWs I & II Memorials
are all over France

Eglise Confluence

Today's Church-of-the-Day where I prayed for guidance in my perfect boulangerie quest.

Witch Hat Turret

Entry Way

Entry Door

The Inner Church


St. Anthony of Padua

Cool Catholic Stools

 Main Altar


Christianity 101


Lonely Outdoor Chess Table
in Autumn

The Seasons are Changing 

Drying Laundry

My favorite EuroGraffiti

Lyon's Newest Shopping Mall


Cerise Bleu

Lego Folks

Captain America

What IS the meaning of life?

I'll have to think about that one

So that's what he did
after the Dreyfus trial

Tuesday is Senior team practice night and we had 58 players who showed up ready to work hard and learn.

Our defense is ahead of our offense which is normal at this stage of the pre-season.

It was great to see how much our offensive linemen improved in just one night because of their sense of urgency in having to block our fired up defense.



Olivier R said...

Pricey maybe but did your have dinner at Brasserie Georges yet? It's a place like no other... An experience by itself!

steveswindle said...

I have a hard time believing France would even allow a Starbucks in their country!!

And I love the "Gastric tours by Georges" much fun to follow....and good for you too!!

George said...


You are the second person to tell me that. It is now on my Must Do list!

Olivier R said...

and you must go for the steack tartare and the omelette norvegienne or you have not really been there!!