Thursday, October 11, 2012

Getting Ready to Hit the Road

This just in from Falcon RB Brice Rontet, who is "Tim" Thibaud's brother, all of the BIG plays from the Falcon "B" team's win over the Annecy Avalanches last Sunday are on this link:


Wednesday started with a trip to Gare de Lyon Part-Dieu.

One of Lyon's Big Train Stations

My visit had two purposes, the first was to buy my French Senior Discount Rail Pass. This pass will get me nice reduced fares on rail travel throughout France for one year.

Thus armed, my second task was to buy a round trip ticket from Lyon to Nîmes for this weekend. My first trip out of Lyon will take me to both Nîmes and the city of Arles in Provence.

I'm looking forward to it!

Cuba travel is possible from France,
but not by train

Back on the Metro

After taking care of my train business, I got on the Metro and rode to the Stad de Gerland exit home of . . .

Lyon's other good football team

Nice Souvenir Store

Lots of possibilities inside

I only bought one thing

The Home of the Olympique Lyonnais

Lions on Guard

The Pitch

Interseting Open-Air Urinals

Trying to sneak up on me

I started my trek home by catching a café and croissant near the Jean Macé bus/tram stop. Since they had a Farmer's Market going on the square in front of my café, I decided to check out their wares.

None of these partridges will be
in a pear tree this Christmas


I have NO idea what this mostly
meat product might be

My gastric juices were now fully flowing so it was time to head to Les 3 Brassuers for my team sponsored lunch. It gave me time to ponder the French transportation system.

Now, last Winter and Spring in Thun, Switzerland I got used to there always on time bus/train system. I knew that the bus would be at the stop in front of my house every hour at :17 and :44 after the hour like Swiss clockwork. I could thus plan my day.

C17 Times Three

Here in Lyon, my first ride every day is on the C17 line which stops right in front of The Villa every "8 to 10 minutes" according to the posted schedule.

This is definitely not like Swiss clockwork.

The picture above was taken at the C17's terminus, Porte des Alpes. This is the large shopping mall where Les 3 Brassuers is located. The three busses you see are all C17 busses that arrived here in a space of about 40 seconds.

The first bus was full.

The second bus had two people aboard.

The last bus was empty.

Nice planning.

That being said, I find Lyon's Metro/tram/bus system to be clean with both courteous bus drivers and patrons. I'm patient so it works for me.

The Cadet and Junior practices Wednesday night both stressed the passing game and QBs on both squads showed great improvement. We're heading in the right direction.


George said...


Olivier R said...

Damned! You lost ten points in my ranking buying that scarf!! Have fun in Arles and Nimes BTW!

David said...

Just out of curiosity, what does an Olympique Lyonnais shirt/jersey go for?

George said...


About 80 Euros for an authentic OL jersey.

George said...


GO OL!!!

Arles and Nimes, GET READY!!!

Olivier R said...

will ask the Giants coach to bring you at a St Etienne game, you really need some soccer education Georges!

George said...

Have road flares, will travel.