Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Laundry Day Adventure and more

Monday started with a much needed trip to the local Laverie Automatique, a.k.a., the laundromat.

While The Villa peacefully awaits the arrival of its in-house washing machine later this week, my underwear could not.

Thus I loaded my carry-on travel bag with lots but not all of my dirty clothes and hopped on the C17 bus for the short ride to . . .

A vision in bleu 

Lots of choices

My timing was great as none of the machines were in use when I arrived. Ten minutes later we had a full house.

The first joy in washing your clothes for the first time in each new country in Europe is learning the rules.

Fortunately, they were well displayed . . .

In French

It was again time to improvise and work my Frenglish magic.

Even I could figure this out easily

Money here, press the correct
machine number

The great thing about this place is that a load only took about 25 minutes to wash. In Sweden and Switzerland it took more than an hour.

It only took about an hour from start to glorious drying finish, good times indeed.

I met with our G.M. and Senior team Offensive Coordinator, Julien Urgenti, to talk football for about two hours over lunch. Good times indeed!

Monday night we had the usual two 2 hour, back-to-back Cadet and Junior practices. Lots was accomplished by two hard working teams.

Tuesday, I opted to visit more of the La Presqui'île district of Lyon.

A grand hotel

An interesting tower
near Place Bellecour 

Road signs for most, possible
blocking sleds for the Falcons 

Musée des Tissus de Lyon 

Lyon has a rich history in both the silk trade and the textile industry. This museum is dedicated to these industries that first made Lyon a major economic power in the 16th century.

Incredible Coat

Huge Rug

 Ornate Cape

Rich Priest's Robe 

Silk Flower Print

Napoleon in Silk

The museum was a bit smaller tham expected but displayed several interesting pieces.

The ticket to this museum also allowed me to view the neighboring Musée des Arts Décoratifs. It was full of items on loan from my Mother's home as near as I could tell.

I decided to walk a bit more after the museums in La Presqui'île before heading to lunch at Les 3 Brasseurs.

Here is something you 
don't see on sale in Camarillo

Great Statue 

Good Statue 

Spits Well 

The Vieux Lyon district

After lunch, I had another two hour football meeting, this time with our Junior coaches to talk about defense. It was very productive.

The Senior team finished my day with a very good two hour practice. We practiced with great tempo and good effort.

We're getting better!


Michael said...

What wonderful strolls around town...
It sounds as of the Falcons are headed in the right direction!

David said...

Less than an hour and a half to wash and dry a load of clothing? Who knew France would lead Euro laundromats into the 21st century?