Saturday, March 28, 2009

What, No Pictures?

Friday was a beautiful day to hangout at Malibu with your sweetheart, so we did.  Both the upper and lower patios were sun drenched so Laurie decided to work on weeding and trimming the various planter boxes while I got on-line to purchase airline tickets and make hotel and rental car reservations for our trip to Munich and Germany's "Romantic Road" between Rothenburg and Fussen in Bavaria.  We will spend five and one-half days in Germany during our first BYE week starting on April 5th.

We had a good staff meeting in the late afternoon to clean up some of our first game Special Teams personnel issues for this Sunday's game at Bergamo.

In the evening we met Peppe and Valeria for dinner downtown at "Ristorante Pagano" which is a great little seafood restaurant near the Judicial Building where Valeria works as a lawyer.  I am not sure what kind of law she practices but I hope it has something to do with prosecuting parking regulation violators and thus supporting the fine men and women of SOStare.

We discussed many things over the delicious fish, pasta and involtini dishes that we shared but their memories of last fall's trip to the west coast of the United States held center stage.  They wanted to again thank Mike and Sue D'Antuono in Altadena, CA and Mark and Susie Johnson in Seattle for their incredible hospitality.

On an "Epicurian Adventure" note, each table had about an eight plate Misto Bar sitting on it waiting for us to dig in.  It was almost a meal in itself.  The highlight for Laurie and I was our first forray into the world of tripe Italian style... we survived it and then attacked every other dish with joy in our hearts!

We had such a great time with them that I completely forgot to take the camera out of my pocket and take any photos.  Now that is something VERY rare for this blog, a post without pictures!  Thank you Valeria and Peppe for a GREAT dining experience with good friends!

We have our last practice before the Bergamo game today at 3:00 p.m., then it will be a VERY early wake-up call Sunday morning to fly to the game.

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