Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Laurie Contreras arrives in Catania in less than 42 hours!!!

Cool Moorish architecture on Via Umberto

This afternoon we went looking for a bookstore, "English Book Vaults", at Via Umberto 36 that specializes in, as you might have guessed, books written in English.  It was after 4:00 p.m. and should have been open but wasn't.  It is actually inside of an apartment building with a closed entry door making you have to ring their intercom button to make contact... NO ANSWER.

It is only a few feet away from "Pasticceria Savia", one of the best pastry shops in all of Catania, so we consoled ourselves with a small order of crispele.  Crispele is deep fried, finger-sized dough covered with powdered sugar and the drowned in honey.

Now if that doesn't pick up your spirits, what will?

Same Building Up Close

The Garage Musmeci Building

Just a few blocks from where we pick Denver up for our staff meeting, I just like the building's name in gold near the top of the turrett.

Our last physical practice before the Ancona game was tonight, good attendance, good effort.

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