Thursday, March 19, 2009

Presentazione Stagione Agonistica IFL 2009

Cervello Bovino Adulto

Wow!  Adult Bovine Brains, .376 kilograms for only 2.14 Euros, WHAT A BARGAIN!!!

I was shopping for the right mood setting ingredients to use in making Laurie a nice pasta dish for dinner tonight in her first night back at Malibu.  I have to admit that it was hard fighting off the powerful attraction of a good bargain while shopping.

Considering some of the "unusual delicacies" I have already sampled in my two seasons here, bovine brains are not that big a leap anymore.  If they had been chilled monkey brains, I would have been all over it!

Instead I opted for sweet Italian sausage to add to my garlic, red pepper, green pepper, sweet onion, fresh tomato sauteed in olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  I also add one very secret ingredient to the tomato sauce to make the sauce even sweeter thus creating "Pasta alla Cubana". 

When Fidel finally dies, then and only then, will I will release my secret ingredient to the world.

In all probability, there will be some brains of some kind in the sausage mix.

Elephants Catania 2009 Presentation Ceremony

Thursday night the 2009 edition of the Elephants Catania held their annual Presentation Night to introduce the squad to assembled sponsors, partners, political dignitaries, Elephant alumni, family and friends.

This year's event was held in the very nice Jazz Club at the Hotel Le Dune at La Playa beach.  The Hotel Le Dune is one of our new 2009 sponsors.

Our MC was Falcon and Elephant team elder, Renato Gargiulo who did a GREAT job mixing in humor at the right times.  The Power Point demonstration and the 2008 Highlight DVD that Jason Johnson created for us were also first rate. 

The Corri Catania 4K

We are partnering up with this event to promote a healthy life-style.  In order to enter, you MUST promise to not smoke until you actually FINISH the 4K course.  One MUST take baby steps at the start of any new health related adventure.

I asked if I could drive the 4K in the Ford Fiesta but it was a moot point as the 4K Run is the same day as our game in Bergamo next week.

Elephant Spirit Items for Sale

Valeria is seen here hawking our wares to the public with Christian on his way to lend a hand.  We actually sold quite a few items.

Megan, visiting from Phoenix, with Taber

Fabio, Alessandro and Jacopo having a good time.

Etna Chapter Italy - Harley Owners Group

Strange, what are they doing here?

Of course, they are one of our Team Partners

The Fondo Bianco is the "Official Team Watering Hole" of the Elephants. 

QB Luke Tracy tries on his new jersey

Talking with the folks from the Sigonella NAS

The people at the base like Bob Froelicher who I am conversing with and Zee Herb, in the stripes, are REALLY pushing hard to get the U.S. Naval personnel at the nearby Sigonella Naval Air Station on board for home games.

Zee is trying to get us some cheerleaders, she DEFINITELY has the energy for the task!

Presenting the 2009 American Imports

Volunteer Offensive Line Coach Denver Wade, #6 QB Luke Tracy, #14 WR/SS Taber LeMarr, Head Coach George Contreras, #25 Larry Atkinson.

Defensive Line Coach Paul Petrich Jr. took the picture, as usual I had to crop out one of his fingers from the upper left corner of the photo.

Post-Presentation Dinner

We went to the Castello Ursino area to "Trattoria Castello Antico", a.k.a. The Meat Factory, for a light repast.  After all sorts of shared meat dishes, we were quite sassy!

I only got a couple of Larry's fingers on the left in this shot while Denver listens attentively as Paul tells him some rare tidbits about Croatia.


DPLassen said...

Of course, if you'd bought that package, you would have opened yourself up to all kinds of jokes about the real brains of the organization.

George said...

True, true...