Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wednesday was the official start of the George and Laurie Contreras walks throughout Sicily.  We started our physical fitness craze with the gruelling 2 mile Malibu-Aci Trezza-Aci Castello-Malibu loop.  Oh the things we saw!

Painting the Boat

In Aci Trezza, as springtime nears, the sea coast is buzzing with workers painting their boats as seen here, as well as building Lidos for future sun worshippers.

Some used this glorious day to mend their nets.

The Luigi Rizzo

This noble sea craft has been in drydock since I first got here in January of 2008.  Not one thing on its charismatic hull has changed for the better in that timespan!

Check out the bracing underneath the middle of the hull.  Can't see it well?

No problem, here it is up close!  Sturdy, eh?

Laurie by Aci Castello's Castle

The Ionian Sea, once...

The weirdly shaped, natural base of the Aci Castello castle.

The Ionian Sea, twice...

The Ionian Sea, a third and final time!

Elefanti Mai Stanchi!

I felt as tired as this young fellow but at least I finished the loop without taking a nap!

Our Wednesday practice was again solid, I think we've bounced back well mentally from the Ancona game but Bergamo still looms on the very near horizon.


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