Saturday, March 14, 2009

Saturday's Two-a-Day Practices

Laurie Contreras Watch:

Our last Saturday before our season opener in Ancona next Saturday saw the Elephants go through two practices, our third in less than 24 hours for the second consecutive weekend.

Saturday morning's practice was dedicated to fundamentals and the kicking game, a very solid session.

The afternoon practice was scripted to go over our pre-game warm-up routine before embarking on a one hour, full go scrimmage.  A lot of good work was accomplished this weekend.

Now, between the practices some interesting things transpired.

The End Zone Lido at Stadio Santa Maria Goretti

Suddenly without any warning, the in-between practice time became a sun bathing opportunity. After all, we ARE only a few hundred meters from Catania's sandy beaches.

Bonding Moment

While man of the Elephants sunned themselves, Giulio Romano and I bonded talking about the best places in Catania for pasta.

The male bonding peaked when Gustavo Bonanno, in the thong, challenged our owner, Davide Giuliano in the red sweatshirt, to a 40 yards dash.  The winner claims the title of "Owner of the Team".  

It was a two out of three affair with Davide winning the first heat and Gustavo taking the second after freely admitting to a false start.

What you see next is the final race of the series with all of it's social and ownership implications.

You just can't make stuff like this up!


Anonymous said...

I vote for that video as the Heather Linderman Ad of the Day!


George said...

That works for me!

Anonymous said...

I liked That Video below. These are two football players racing.

Chris Ringor

Laurie said...

Tell Gus he needs to work on his tan.

eppy said...

I knew when I saw Davide lead Enrico into the end zone on the long run against the Palermo Corsari last year...he'd be tough to beat! Maybe he needs to tote the rock some??