Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Paul Petrich Jr., Today's Special Guest Blogger

Two Legends Meet at an
Elevation of 6,500 feet
Paul Petrich Jr. and Mt. Etna

As happens on the blog from time to time, we are giving Paul the opportunity to be a guest writer today to give you his perspective on life in Sicily... ENJOY!

Ciao, Elephant and Coaching for Pizza fans.

George has finally given me the privilege to set some stories and impressions straight about numerous references to me in his blog.

Let me start by saying it is a privilege to be coaching the Elephants of Catania with George. George, the Elephant's owner Davide , the 60 + team members, and our American players are all great people-and we are all working very well together to make this coming season one that will make all of us proud!

That said, some George's historical references to my reputation need correction. First, I wear some cloths that I wore long ago, BECAUSE I STILL CAN. I am vain and proud of this fact that I still weigh in at my high school fullback weight. Let it just be said that I have a scale I purchased here in Italy in our apartment. George has yet to Google how to use it!

Secondly, the bull in the China closet (piatto camera) is blown out of proportion. If I am the bull in this China closet, George is the Ostrich ( struzzo). Let me explain with the following episodes. Our apartment is a wonderful place, but when I got here two items needed repair, stemming from last year. George had been bothered by a leaking bathroom faucet, as well as a bedroom light that did not switch on  regularly when turned on by the switch, and blinked continuously. I was given this bedroom to deal with the problem, which lead to the broken lamp bulb ( duely recorded by George). However, what George did not blog, was the following: During the first week this "bull" was here, I showed George where the main faucet valve was in the house that would turn off the leak at night. Also, a new bulb put in the uncooperative socket paid off enormously.  Now, I can easily turn a light on in the middle of the night (without knocking a lamp over), to go TURN ON THE MASTER WATER VALVE, when George starts snoring in the next room and listen to the music of the drip instead of what sounds like a disabled WWII Flying Fortress circling to find a safe place to ditch! 
Let me add, as well, I now have a new camera, that is water proof so I  can snorkel and scuba dive the beautiful waters of Sicily in the summer. I may very well disembark into the sea from a pier, but it will be on purpose. George will be invited to do the same.  If he does, I promise to take a picture of this "volcanic" episode!  Now, some of George's photos in his blog are contributions from my camera, as George has kindly suggested that we back-up all our photos on his computer.

Ciao to all, Go Elephants, and Carpe Diem!

Now, old timers...
"You know the rest of the story!"

Coach Paul... "Good Day!"


itzbfitz said...

What "cloths" are you talking about? Could it be the loin-cloth you wore in the Ojai 10k back in 1985 when the female spectator cheered you on with cries of, "Go Greystoke!"?

Laurie said...

My husband -- snores? Really? (I swear I heard him in Camarillo the other night.)

See you both soon.