Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday's weather was absolutely stunning!

I woke up to this tremendous sea view off of Malibu's lower patio.

Our first order of business in the afternoon was to make a fourth attempt at retrieving Paul's final package of goodies that he mailed to himself via the U.S. Postal System.  He was told yesterday by the manager of the Post Office near the Elephant's Headquarters that his package was now to be found at "SDA" on Via Stradale Primosole.  So at 1:00 p.m. we left Malibu in search of the elusive package.

We had no clue where the "SDA" office was but Garmin did!  She sweet talked us around the Catania Airport and put us on the road to Ragusa.  When we finally found it we were already half way to Tunisia only to find out that they were closed until 3:30 p.m.!

Paul sprung for lunch and we waited.  While I was out checking the cafe's DVD for sale stock, Paul was striking up a conversation in English with three of the cafes workers who were eating a late lunch at the table next to ours.  I came back to find him drawing a map of Italy for them on a napkin (coaches stationery) and then using it to show them where his home island of Vis is located in Crotia.  They were spellbound.

The view of Mt. Etna while we waited for the "SDA" to open.


Finally at about 4:00 p.m., Paul reappeared out of the bowels of the "SDA" headquarters with his estranged package victoriously held over his head!

It only took six weeks, four time consuming trips into Catania and a 32 Euros surcharge from "SDA" but he finally got it.

It took less than a week for Luke to receive his TWO surfboards at Elephant Headquarters from southern California via FedEx.

Oftentimes, you get what you pay for!

Final note on the day, we had a very sharp and competitive practice tonight.  Two-a-days Saturday and our first game at Ancona on the Adriatic Sea coast found on the Italian boot's east side.

Laurie arrives in Catania in less than a week!!!

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