Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Our Last Full Day in Tumultuous Napoli

Tuesday, 2 July, 2019

It figured to be another hot day in Napoli, our last full day before finally returning to Varese.

We were undaunted by the conditions in our desire to see more of this fun turmoil that is emblematic of this interesting city.

I liked this tile in our B&B's bathroom

This one was cool too

Need a basket?

Just opposite the front door to our B&B was this little shop.

Laurie wasted no time getting
into full shopping mode

She just loves to support street vendors.

We headed up just a few blocks
from our B&B to Napoli's
fascinating  Spaccanapoli street

A good piazza in Napoli
must have a HUGE monument
 and a church . . .

. . . or three

That is one tall monument

Only for Brilliant Minds

Chiesa di Gesù Nuovo

We visited this one last week.

Chiesa di Santa Chiara

We entered this church for the first time.

What happened to Jesus' chest?

Much of this church was bombed out by the Allies during WWII in 1943. Perhaps that explains it.

A colorful Sant'Antonio Abate statue

A sarcophagus for a woman

Might as well get in some reading
while waiting for a sinner to confess

Bourbon Royalty resting spot

Angevin Coat of Arms

Madonna and Child

Santa Chiara's Main Altar

The light here was to my liking

Headaches for these three ladies?

St. Francis of Assisi
holding a skull

I've never seen him posed with one before in all of our travels.

Father, Holy Ghost and Son

Salvo d'Acquisto's resting place

He was the local hero whose monument we featured in yesterday's blogpost. He was the man that the Nazis executed after he falsely confessed to being responsible for a piece of sabotage thus saving the lives of 22 other people.


Like that storefront sign
that advertises their sales of . . .

. . . healthy products!

LOTS of healthy products!

Fun looking store


Temptation was everywhere!

I just like the composition

Another towering monument
to Jesus

Drinking adult beverages
is encouraged on Spaccanapoli

Nice tiled dome

They love their calico/soccer
team in Napoli!

Maradona t-shirts harken
back to Napoli's Golden Days
in Serie A play

This Napoli bar does not 
like Juventus at all it appears

Of course, this is the bar with the Maradona Chapel inside that we posted about yesterday.

The Google search is for

The Google alternate suggestion is "Maybe you were looking for: Shit!"

No, definitely not a Juve fan at this bar.

Interesting sausages

If Purgatory is this way . . .

. . . then a Torture Museum
must be just around the corner

"Yes, I am looking down
on the rabble."

Spaccanapoli was getting busy

Colorful skulls as art

Freaky masks

A street full of Presepi or
Nativity Scene sellers

Greeter inviting us inside
to view and hopefully purchase
a few additions to our Nativity
collection back home

Lots of interesting trinkets
for sale but we resisted

"You HAVE to be kidding me!
You didn't buy anything?"

A street musician welcomed us
into the Complesso Monumental
San Lorenzo Maggiore

We're going into yet another church

A nice side altar . . .

. . . and another

I liked this painted column

Who is buried here I wonder?

I was sorely tempted but . . .

 Padre Pio is HUGE in Italy!

Striking a pose for the camera

 I liked this crest

Laurie liked this grill work
below the crest

One side of a sarcophagus . . .

. . . and the other

Out of our last church for the day, we needed to rehydrate.

All of their tables were still in the Sun

We move on to this spot
and ordered a bottle of red wine
and a can of Sprite

We were about to mix our own Spanish Tinto de Verano which is the perfect drink on a hot day like this one.

Watching the passing parade


Remember that if you get hit by a vehicle of any kind in Napoli, it is your fault!

Across the way this man entered,
took off his shirt and got a haircut

When he took his shirt off before sitting down in the barber chair, I thought for a moment that he was there for a chest hair weave.

More Napoli traffic hazards

Of course a heated discussion
took place just behind Laurie
while we sat enjoying our
4.50 Euros rehydration experience

Sitting and people watching is always a good break in the action.

 Smoke Break for the Kitchen Staff

The Boss of Cappuccino

Another buzz bomb moment

 Another Piazza

Gay Pride in tough Napoli

Not many buyers at the moment

Swordfish for sale

As it has been all week all over Europe,
the heat has made it a fine time to dry
your laundry!

We hate them too

What a GREAT idea!

I should have thought of this sooner. Buy my own toilet seat for only 5.99 Euros and carry it around in my backpack to use in all of those public facilities that do not have one for my use.

We were hungry and after getting a bit lost due to my lack of orienteering skills, we found travel guru Rick Steves' #1 spot for pizza in Napoli, the Antica Pizzeria da Michele.

So did a lot of other
locals and travelers

Fortunately for us, Rick Steves' #2 spot for pizza in Napoli is just across the street and was not crowded and it had air conditioning.

Here's the spot . . .

 . . . and here's the pizza

Yes, Laurie shared with me.

Now full, tired, hot and grimy, we headed back to our B&B for a break in the action until dinner.

Back out in the evening streets,
we passed this bakery

We saw and financially supported
these street musicians

When Laurie dropped a few coins into their basket, their fans who were watching erupted in applause.

It may have been both their first ever concert and monetary gain.

A soloist on some kind
of weird looking but
sweet sounding instrument

What do you think?

Our last meal in Napoli
was shared but still overkill

The food in Napoli is just outstanding!

In case you are wondering about
our insane eating habits, we do exercise
a lot on our forced field marches that
we call vacations

Ciao to wonderful,
frenzied Napoli!

We've had a wonderful time in Southern Italy over the last nine days!

We will take the train back to Milano and then to Varese tomorrow morning.

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