Sunday, July 14, 2019

Just Another Quiet Day

Sunday, 14 July, 2019

Not much to report today as our preparations for our return to Camarillo continued slowly but surely.

We still needed to pick up a few small items before heading home so we hit the road.

The first stop was the Iper Simply store where we somehow found . . .

. . . a band warming up in the

Interesting but we needed to keep moving.

We were on to the local Leroy Merlin store, it's the European answer to our Home Depot, to buy a two more plastic storage boxes to pack the last few items that we are leaving behind for next season.

We opted to not take the autostrada back to the Villa Skorpion II, instead using the picturesque rural streets south of Varese to enjoy one last Sunday drive through Lombardia.

Along the way, our path was blocked by a detour in a small town that was having a large street fair.

I wanted to stop and take a gander at what treasures they might have but, get this, Laurie said "No, we've done so much shopping the last two months, we don't need to do any more."


After the EMTs revived me and declared me fit to drive again, we proceeded.

 Italy's large bookstore chain
was open for business in Varese
on a Sunday

We are great believers in using local libraries wherever in the world we live but we both needed to find a non-library book each to read on the flight home.

I bought a Peter May thriller while Laurie purchased a Steve Berry tome.

We decided to walk through the historic core and look at some of these items on sale on Varese's pedestrian thoroughfare today.

The real Laurie Contreras was slowly coming back into focus. 

 There she is on the right

 Garibaldi's men fought for the
right to hold street fairs

I wanted to buy one of those
beautiful gramophones but no
way would it fit in the overhead
compartment of the plane

Amazingly, we did not buy anything other than our two books.

Never too young to become an
American Football fan in Varese!

Reading Is FUNdamental!

A good Summer read, my
last one in Italy this season

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