Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Near Perfect Timing on a Long Travel Day

Wednesday, 3 July, 2019

Our vacation time in Southern Italy was coming to a close. All we had left was to check out of our B&B in Napoli and start the long trip home to Varese, a distance of approximately 830km/515 miles.

We said a tearful CIAO to
our B&B's Security Guard

He did a fantastic job making all of us travelers feel safe 24/7!

Now for the details of our flawless timing with all modes of needed transportation.

After checking out with Roseanna, our delightful B&B's hostess, the taxi she ordered for us arrived in about two minutes to whisk us off to the Napoli Centrale train station.

We needed to buy tickets, First Class of course, on the first available train. We quickly got them via the Italotreno automated kiosk.

The next train left in nine minutes!

We were on board with five minutes to spare to start our four hour and 45 minute, high speed ride to Milano Centrale.

 The view up the aisle from
my seat, Laurie had the window
seat as is always her wish

 I had access to ice tea, cookies,
a crossword puzzle and a book
to read

What more could I ask for?

 Laurie reading while the
Tuscan countryside whizzes
by at speeds up to 300 km/hour

That's about 180 miles/hour but we weren't always going that fast and we did have stops scheduled in about six or seven cities along the way.

Milano's imposing
Centrale Station

We arrived in Milano only seven minutes late, miraculous according to Italian standards.

Next up was the Metro ride on the Green Line from Milano Centrale to the Cadorna train station. We had to wait about 60 seconds for the next Metro train to arrive.

Our timing was still impeccable!

Once at Cadorna, we needed to catch the train to Varese. It was set to depart in four minutes and it was an EXPRESS!


 At the Saronno train station
we saw this train on another track
advertising something related to
the 101 Freeway in SoCal

Our flight home to California departs just two weeks from today.

Once we arrived in Varese, we still needed to catch a C line bus up the hill to the Villa Skorpion II.

Wouldn't you know it, when we got to the bus stop there it was waiting for the traffic light to turn green. The bus driver happily opened his doors and an amazing day of travel was just about over. 

Our man Nicolas Principi is
in some kind of duel it seems with a
player from the Firenze Guelfi

I'm not sure what this is all about but I do know that the Guelfi and Seamen square off for the Italian DI Championship on Saturday night in Milano.

It will be great to finally see Nicolas live and in action for the first time this season. He was a great, great player for the DII Skorpions last year.

Reading Is FUNdamental!

A perfect Summer vacation
read, lots of action and easy
to peruse on the beach in Ischia

I miss the frenzied pace of Napoli already.

And the pizza too.

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