Monday, July 22, 2019

Our First Weekend Home in Camarillo

Thursday-Sunday, July 18-21, 2019

The process of re-acclimating ourselves to life in California was in full swing over the course of the last four days.

Job #1 was unpacking our bags and sorting out all of our new Italian treasures.

The first item that I put into its new place was my Federico "Gomi" Gomiero action figure. Gomi is an up and coming LB with the Skorpions that the Esselunga Supermarket immortalized in one of their giveaway promotions this Spring.

Gomi is the little, red tomato-like
figure in the lower left of
this photo

Mexican food for lunch with
old friends, what a great way to
start a Thursday!

From left to right we have Lance Erie, Chuck Severns, myself and Jim O'Brien.

We are now all retired educators whose paths crossed several times at the Conejo Valley Unified School District's three comprehensive high schools, Thousand Oaks H.S., Newbury Park H.S. and Westlake H.S.

It made for a fun lunch go over old times and current events in America.

In the afternoon, Mike brought two of our grandkids over to the house.

Little Mary,
our resident construction worker

Lots of joy with Jacob and Mary
on this day

Friday was a good day as well that started with another lunch, this time in Burbank with old friends Paul Sabolic and Mike D'Antuono.

After lunch, I had a good visit with my soon to be 95 year old Mother and my sister Marilyn in our ancestral San Marino home.

In the evening, we joined Brian and Koreen FitzGerald for dinner in Ventura while also enjoying another live concert by former Rio Mesa H.S. teacher Karen Percht.

Karyn 805
in concert at Winchester's 

Karyn 805's songs were a perfect ending to a long, busy Friday!

On Saturday, we attended our little Mary's 4th birthday party.

Mike and Vanessa had a good
spread of munchies on their table

My sister Linda and Brian FitzGerald
discussing the world situation

Time to sing to Mary

Mary looks happy

Time to open her gifts

I think that we all had a good time until imminent jet lag issues made us go home to rest a bit.

Sunday was the last day of
Camarillo's Annual Fiesta

 We really liked the vintage car show

Love the flames!

A Milano Seamen
fan in Camarillo?

 Excellent red hot rod

 This is a 1955 Ford Thunderbird

Laurie drove a 1956 red T-Bird when we first started dating back in 1965.

And, no, her daddy didn't take her T-Bird away.


Italian panini stand?

Sort of.

We were hungry so we opted to eat a Sunday brunch in a New Mexican restaurant on Camarillo's Ventura Blvd.

Qué  Pasa!

We both liked the Qué Pasa's Dia de los Muertos motif and the mariachi band warming up to entertain us.

 This mural was in a side room
designed to care for large groups

Take a look at the woman in red to the far left of the mural.

 She MUST be a Varese Skorpions fan!

The mariachis got to our table
and . . .

. . . serenaded us

 After a really good lunch,
we were back on the streets

Another red 1955 T-Bird
and it was for sale

We passed.

Besides the food, car show and vendors,
the Fiesta also had rides for the kids

After the Fiesta, we spent the afternoon at the Murphy household in Camarillo catching up with Debi, Cyndy, Dylan and Juice.

Our first four days home have all been good ones!

News from the Skorpions

Before leaving Varese, the Europe Warriors had announced that Skorpions DB Federico Zanetta would be playing in the Warrior's game against the Austrian National U18 team in Vienna this coming November.

In the last few days, two more Skorpions have been added to the Warriors squad.

 Our Senior Team's Free Safety

Our up and coming Wide Receiver

We expect another Skorpion or two will eventually be added to the Warriors U18 team in the next few days.

We also got the good news from the Italian national federation that five Skorpions have been named to the 46-man Italian national U19 team for the European tournament that starts next week with a game against Team Denmark.

The five Skorpion reps on the U19 National team are:

From left to right, top to bottom:
WR Matteo Mozzanica
RB Alessandro Brovelli
LB Pietro Migliori
FS Manuel Bulgheroni
LB Stefano Lusuriello

Finally, LB Stefano Granelli
was added to the roster of the
Italian National Senior Team

Good luck to all of our Skorpions in these all-star games!

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