Monday, July 8, 2019

A Quiet Day at the Villa Skorpion II

Monday, 8 July, 2019

After a busy two weeks, we needed a day to relax at the Villa, so we did.

It wasn't a total do-nothing day as we started the sorting and packing process as we fly home in just nine days.

In the evening we met with QB. Jack and DE Baffo for an aperitivo to discuss their upcoming trip to California at the end of September that will include stops in San Diego, Los Angeles, Camarillo and San Francisco.

We will all be together for the Washington at Stanford game on Saturday, October 5th.

Jack and Baffo will also be attending the Browns-49ers game on Monday night, October 7th before flying home to Varese.

After our meeting to shore up some of their trips details, Laurie and I headed over to the BellaVita Caffè where a member of the DI Italian Bowl Champion Milano Seamen was giving out autographs and posing for pictures.

 With Seamen starting SS
Nicolas Principi

He seemed like a really nice young man.

Cool mural near the
BellaVita Caffè

This last week will be busy with several last minute get togethers before our departure but we do have time for one more mini-vacation.

Thus we will spend tomorrow night on the interesting Lake Garda town of Sirmione before heading up to Bellagio on Lake Como for a BBQ with the Skorpions' Defensive Line and Coach Pacio Cranchi.

Oh, the life we lead . . .

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