Saturday, July 13, 2019

One Last Day of Scorpion Football

Friday, 12 July, 2019

Things are starting to move much too quickly as our departure date, 17 July, for California approaches.

Today's Big Deal of the Day was . . .

 Our Annual Yearend Skorpions
Team Party

Where else to meet for a fun night with the Skorpions Family one last time than at the BellaVita Café in Varese's historic core?


Before the evenings festivities and awards ceremonies, I had one last duty to perform in my role as the Skorpions Head Coach.

It was time for another elementary school introduction of the great sport of American Football with an eye on recruiting a future Skorpions or two in the future.

I only had one unexpected problem on the way to Skorpion Field via the extremely narrow, hair pinned turned, small bridge mountainous route called Mulini Grassi from the Villa Skorpion II to our practice site.

What the . . .

Small cars have trouble getting down Mulini Grassi and if two cars are passing each other, even at slow, slow speeds, it is always an accident waiting to happen.

Today, apparently, a 56 passenger recliner bus driver unfamiliar with the area relied on his GPS for the best route from the valley at the base of Mulini Grassi up the steep hill the hilltop UNESCO Heritage site of Sacro Monte.

When he got to his first hurdle, the narrow bridge that is so small that only one car at a time can cross, he realized his mistake.

His only choice was too back up
all the way down the hill

Fortunately for me, about another 50 meters behind the bus' current position is a spot just wide enough for our frazzled bus driver to pull over enough to let cars pass him while he further pondered his tenuous situation.

Once finally at Skorpion Field, and the the aid of U17 Flag team stalwarts Andrea Volonnino and Filippo Petrillo, our youth camp was ready to roll.

 Agility Drills to warm up

We had three warm-up stations
with about five minutes per station

The grass was long and in need of mowing to be sure but we persevered.

Volo's group in the distance is working on Ladder Drills on a ladder that we can't see due to the vegetation.

The Three Ring Circus
in action

After warm-ups and a water break, we started to work on basic techniques.

While Volo and Filippo took 2/3s of the troops through pass routes, I opted to introduce some basic tackling techniques to my 1/3.

Again, we rotated groups to insure that everyone got exposed to each of the techniques being taught.

Tackling 101

I love the giggles of joy at the end of the drill, the kids were having fun.

ALWAYS tackle with
a smile on your face!

No, really, she WAS fantastica!

Sizing up her victim


What a great smile at the end.

Pass Routes vs. Air on a
sunny day in Lombardia

After two hours, we had our latest
wave of American football enthusiasts!

This was a fun group to work with on our final school training session.

In the evening, it was time for
one last huddle for the 2019
Varese Skorpions

 Laurie and a soon-to-be-due Vanessa
taking about pregnancy issues

Not to worry, Vanessa is partaking of a non-alcoholic beverage.

Laurie on the other hand . . .

The Skorpions are starting
to assemble

Dario D'Adelfio
The Pride of Palermo

Laurie Contreras
was in the crowd

Many of our young flag team
players were in the house

 Three Skorpion Aces
Laurie, Santa Barbara
and Nency

The pedestrian streets around
the BellaVita Café were starting
to fill up on a warm Friday night

It was time to barge into the
BellaVita's bar area for our
Awards Ceremony

Our boys were ready to celebrate!

 I hope those stairs are strong

The Awards Table

First up were the three
large awards for our outstanding
inaugural Women's Flag football team

Our Women's Team Award Winners
Team MVP Sofia Petrillo with
Defensive MVP Laura Latera

Offensive MVP winner, Marta Mengo, was not in attendance tonight.

#87, Skorpion NG Andrea Gorini
and the owner/bartender of
the Bella Vita Café

Most of the Skorpions were
in the now steamy bar

 First award to the Senior team
was a Black Hammer to honor
Andrea Gorini's final season as
a Skorpion player

Italian federation rules set a mandatory retirement age of 48 on the sport of American football.

Andrea is 48.

An emotional Andrea after
his final game against the
Cernusco Daemons in the playoffs

Andrea raising his award to an
enthusiastic crowd

Rookie of the Year
#92 DE Davide Volo

Defensive Player of the Year
#22 DB Andrea Mora

Offensive Player of the Year
#1 QB Giacomo "Jack" Micheli

Most Valuable Player
#9 LB/K/P/RB Stefano "Steve" Granelli

All of these players were well deserving of their awards but it was still noted that everyone on our roster made significant contributions to our 7-3 season.

Steve and the Coaching Staff

It was a GREAT final night
but many of us were already
planning on how to make
the Skorpions better in 2020

Laurie in the BellaVita cheap seats
taking photos

Key members of our first ever
Skorpions Women's Flag team

Many of the GREAT behind
the scenes people that make up
the vibrant Skorpions Family

Robby and Nency with
well deserved flowers

Robby took countless photographs this year at literally all levels of Skorpion football.

Nency was our Women's squad's Team Mom among many other rolls for the Skorpions.

RB Dylan Auriemma with
his fidanzata Laura Latera

With the 2019 campaign now completely behind us, there is only one thing left to do . . .


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