Friday, August 11, 2017

Warriors Walk-Through Practice in Mexico City's Olympic Stadium

Friday, August 11, 2017:

Having 44 players and eight coaches plus two official team photographers with the Europe Warriors makes for a lot of photo ops.

Here are a few more from the last few days . . .

Ed Reza took a lot of these photos

"What do you think I think about
President Trump?"

I'm now a Telemundo TV star

Our seven great offensive lineman, minus camera shy Luis Rodarte, that it has been my pleasure to work with this week.

We'll get Luis' game picture up as soon as possible.

Trip to the Zocalo district
on Wednesday

Sandro Da Silva


Enrique Prado Alonso

Kristian Weeks

Enrique Prado Alonso

Enrique Prado Alonso

Saygun Ofluoglu

John Ridge

Luis Rodarte

WR Preston Bailey

OLB Herbert Gamboa

Kicker Luca Zigliani
Holder Erik Perez Marquez

Head Coach Jesús Sánchez

WR Preston Bailey again

LT Kristian Weeks in red

The Practice Pit

OG Kyle Leblanc with the green helmet


The Hair Bears

Interviewing Jesús Sánchez

Coaches lunch table

Warriors back at the hotel

WR Darnell Smith giving a young
Puma fan some love

Warriors go downtown

We are such tourists

Coaches Bart Iaccarino and
Mauricio Jaworski at the Cathedral

The Purification of Ja Vontae Hence

Darnell Smith eating street tacos

Two days later he is still alive.

Running in the streets

The 1968 Olympic Village
just behind our hotel

The Mexican Flag

Note the eagle with the snake in its beak sitting atop a cactus plant. On my walk this morning I found . . .

The ACTUAL cactus plant where
the eagle landed

I could be wrong.

The purpose of my short walk was to explore a nearby Aztec ruin called Cuicuilco.

The ruins date from about 450 B.C.

The ceremonial mound

I walked to the top of it.

Same mound from the back side

In the quaint museum

This area was inhabited from about 1,000 B.C. and reached its zenith in about 150 A.D. when somewhere between 20,000 and 40,000 people called it home.

In 150 A.D., an eruption of the nearby Xitle volcano destroyed most of what had been built and the survivors abandoned the area.

They are back now. 

At the base of the ceremonial mound

The view atop the ceremonial mound

Looks like some of Xitle's lava flow

Street tacos were a big temptation
on the walk home

That's a LOT of meat!

We boarded the bus once again to head to the game field for a final walk through session.

Mexico City's Olympic Stadium
Home of the 1968 Summer Olympics
Home of the UNAM Pumas

Our first view of the pristine field

The stadium is said to hold 80,000 fans and 20,000 are expected for our game.

That would be fun!

Warrior Helmet Decal

 The Olympic Flame Cauldron
atop the stands

With OC Hugo Pointillist
channeling our inner
Tommie Smith and John Carlos

 A GREAT field with a

Coach Jesús Sánchez addressing
the troops before we started

With the Pumas legendary and retired
Coach Raúl Rivera Sánchez

I was honored to act as his interpreter as he spoke to the Warriors.

Offense on air

Our Spaniards in the Stadium

I LOVE the team picture in
the Olympic Stadium after practice

Kickoff is scheduled for Noon local time, 10:00 a.m. Pacific and 19:00 European time.

It will be streamed live at


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