Thursday, August 10, 2017

Europe Warriors Media Day and a Trip to the Zocalo

Wednesday, August 9, 2017:

Before we discuss today's antics, let's look at a few more pictures that our Team Photographer Ed Reza took at yesterday's practice . . . 

Coaching up Szymon Adamczyk
from Poland and Tobias Fuchs 
from Germany on our KOR team

Nice socks Tobias.

With OC Hugo Pointillist and
DB Coach Dale Widolff

 Luis Rodarte (Mexico) pass blocking
James Hamilton (USA)

John Ridge (UK) blocking
Szymon Adamczyk (Poland)

 Szymon and John at it again

 Getting ready to either tango
or set up a drill

It was a drill after all

 LB Herbert Gamboa (USA/Mexico)

A stud LB with a dual passport.

Poland's favorite DB
Mateusz Dzioban

On to Media Day . . .

 DC Mike Wood addressing
the team

Lots of great helmets on display

A light practice before
the Media arrived

With our kickers
Luca Zigrinai (Italy) and
Peter Smith (Wales)

Meet the Offensive Line
they have been fun to coach

L. to R.:  Saygun Ofluoglu (Turkey), Luis Rodarte (Mexico), Kristian Weeks (USA), John Ridge (UK), Jack Pedersen (Denmark), Kyle Leblanc (Canada) and Enrique Prado Alonso (Spain) 

 The Warriors Offense

The Warriors Defense


Alberto Pardo Blanco (Spain),
Austin Stubbs (USA) and
Preston Bailey (USA)

 Herbert Gamboa and the Press

LB Alex Posito (Spain)
giving his two cents worth

 The gang from Spain

 Osos Rivas DE Alberto Pardo Blanco

Ricky Martín has been a great
help with the Special Teams

Coach Mauricio Jaworski and
RB Lou (Luigi) Cotrone (USA/Italy)

Italian DL Claudio Nicola

Denmark's Jack Pedersen

Joan Gonzalez (Mexico) who
played for the Murcia Cobras
lest season

Joan was the MVP of Tuesday's Montezuma's Revenge morning practice when he rescued many of his teammates by finding a large roll of toilet paper somewhere for the bathroom nearest the field that had quickly run out of a very necessary item.

Enrique Prado Alonso of
Spain's Gijón Mariners

I first met Enrique in 2015 in Gijón, GREAT guy to coach!

Luis Rodarte from Mexico played
for our opponents the UNAM Pumas
last Fall

The Warriors Coaching Staff

From L. to R.: Ricky Martín, George Contreras, Bart Iaccarino, Mike Wood, Jesús Sánchez, Hugo Pointillart, Mauricio Jaworski and Dale Widolff

In the afternoon we all boarded the bus for a drive into the historic Zocalo district of Mexico City.


The Palace of Fine Arts

The Latin American Tower

Must be the best tacos in town
as the line to get in had about
50 salivating people

 Protesting the Catholic Church
in general

 The Warriors hanging out

Mexico City's Cathedral

The Cathedral's Main Altar


Ritual Purification of
WR Ja Vontae Hence (USA)

DL Stewart Efeanyina (Canada)
got purified too

Another view of the Cathedral 

 We stopped to take a few more
photos at this round-about monument

Warriors looking for
one more good photo op

And they found it!

It was a GREAT day to be a Warrior!

The game in Olympic Stadium vs. the Pumas is now only three days away.

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