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A Trip to the Pyramids at Teotihuacán and Saying Goodbye to New Lifetime Friends

Sunday, August 13, 2017:

After a long night of going over the "what ifs" of Saturday's close loss, 12 of us boarded the team bus for a nine hour day that would include a visit to the pyramids at Teotihuacán about 50 km from our hotel and an amazing barbacoa lunch.

The city at Teotihuacán's city grid was planned in the early first century AD. 

It took us about 90 minutes
to arrive from our hotel

The shopping area


1 technique defensive tackle?


Artisan goodies

Aztec Warrior on the run

Too big to take home


After we all had our free morning shot of tequila in this shop, it was time to enter the archeological park.

The Pyramid of the Sun

The massive Teotihuacán site, about 20 sq km, was once Mesoamerica's greatest city.

This pyramid dates from about 150 AD while the rest of Teotihuacán was developed between 250 AD and 600 AD. It is the third biggest pyramid in the world behind only Egypt's Cheops and Mexico's Cholula.

It is 222 meters long at the base of each of its four sides and 70 meters high.

248 narrow steps to the top

The REALLY long line for the climb

Laurie and I climbed it back on
our honeymoon in 1971

I opted to not climb it once I saw the length of the line, six of our group eventually got out of line after realizing how much exploration time they were wasting.

But these five brave souls were
"Top of the World, Ma!"

From L. to R.: Stewart Efeanyina, Peter Smith, Mike Wood, Mike Garza and Joey Fuentes

Along the Calzada de los Muertos
with the Pyramid of the Moon
in the distance

Great stonework

Steps under repair

Mural of a Jaguar

Stop for a breath of air and
some much needed water

The Pyramid of the Moon

Smaller edifice

The view of the Calzada de los
Muertros from part way up the
Pyramid of the Moon

Another line of people this time
climbing the Pyramid of the Moon

Unlike the Pyramid oaf the Sun, you can only climb up about half way. It is then a no man's land to the top due to preservation issues.

The Patio de los Pilares

Birds carved into the columns

More richly colored murals

Pyramid of the Moon

Calzada de los Muertos with the
Pyramid of the Sun in the distance

Exploring far past the
two main pyramids heading to
La Ciudadela

Housing area?

La Ciudadela

This area of Teotihuacán is believed to have been the residence of the city's supreme ruler. The four side walls topped 15 of these little pyramids enclose a large open space.

The Templo de Quetzalcóatl

A random carved stone block

After two and a half ours roaming this incredible site, it was time for lunch.

The Gang of 12 at a great
barbacoa restaurant just
outside the archeological park

A trio was playing some traditional songs . . .

. . . so we just had to join in

We were damned proud of our effort!

Note the Pyramid of the Sun in the background.

Just for Laurie,
waving goodbye to Acolman

Sunday was also a day of goodbyes as many of our players and coaches were catching flights home throughout the day.

GREAT guys!

Now for a bunch of GREAT game day photos taken by Sue Valdivia and her daughter Susana.

Most stand on their own without explanation.

#8 Erik Perez Marquez
would be the star of our Special Teams
completing two fake passes good for
a two point PAT and a first down on a punt

 James Hamilton, scoop and score TD

Pumas Pride

Special Teams talk

I was happy that we blocked a PAT, faked a PAT for a two point conversion, got a first down on a fake punt pass and recovered an onside kick.

Muffing a kickoff that the Pumas recovered, having a PAT blocked and allowing a two-point PAT off of a fake were all negatives of the Special Teams on Saturday.

 Special Teams Roll Call
before the contest

 Luca Zigliani's Field Goal 

Head Coach Jesús Sánchez

QB Jonathan Dally

Although all of our players were a joy to be around, Jonathan (Righetti H.S./Cal Poly SLO) was a cut above the rest.

What a great leader and teammate! If you had 11 Jonathan Dally's on the field, you would be hard, if not impossible, to beat.

Love that young man!

About 27,000+ in attendance

 Great Offensive Linemen
to coach, I was blessed

Trophy to the Winner on the left,
Game MVP Trophy on the right


Pumas QB was the deserving MVP

Buffet dinner at our
Radisson Paraiso Hotel

Three wonderful meals a day here made for a good experience.

BIG RED, our team bus this week

Now for a few more pictures from our week of practice, mostly from our Friday walk-through at the Olympic Stadium . . .

 Interpreting for legendary Pumas
coach Raúl Rivera

Jonathan Dally

With OC Hugo Pointillist and
our seven Offensive Linemen

Again, it was an incredible, first class operation from beginning to end.

A huge GRACIAS to Coaches Jesús Sánchez and Bart Iaccarino for inviting me to be a part of the Europe Warriors!

Europe Warriors II anyone?

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