Friday, August 11, 2017

A Final Scrimmage and Hurricane Franklin Hits the Mexican Coast

Thursday, August 10, 2017:

A few more photos from yesterday's Media Day taken on other people's phones . . .

Throwing out the "W" signs
for Warriors
Our Coaching Staff
from a straight on angle

Still loving the helmets

Today our final hard, physical practice of the day was scheduled for a 70 play scrimmage.

It rained heavily throughout the day as Hurricane Franklin hit the Caribbean Sea coast city of Veracruz located about 250 miles due east of Mexico City.

There is no fear of strong winds hitting us, just the tropical rain storm with no threat of flooding in the country's capital city.

Before we left the Radisson Paraiso Hotel, we had a few wrestling antics in the lobby.

Kicker Luca Zigliani, Italy, just
had to try on a Lucha Libre mask

As did DL
Stewart Efeanyina from Canada

 Coach Roberto "Tapatío" Mendez

This bust is located just outside of the UNAM Pumas American football complex and is dedicated to the legendary Pumas coach who led them to NINE Mexican National Championships.

Coach Méndez led the Pumas for 20 seasons starting in 1942 and then from 1946-1964.

His first Mexican National Championship seasons came in 1942 and his last one was won in 1961.

What an amazing run!

And his tradition lives on
to this year's team I'm sure

Europe Warriors Head Coach
Jesús Sánchez was ready for the rain

Just an absolute great human being who happens to coach American football with a passion.

He is one of my treasured friends to be sure.

Pre-Scrimmage palaver

 Time to get after it

We got a lot accomplished despite the conditions, our guys are working hard. We have to as the game is now only two days away.

Our evening practice was cancelled due to the efforts in the morning session, thus we had extensive meetings to review the scrimmage videos.

Great job again by our Video Coordinator Ed Reza in both filming the scrimmage and getting it uploaded quickly to our HUDL account for viewing by the team.

After our meetings were done, I had time to go across the street to the immaculate Shopping Mall and saw this book in their combination bookstore/coffee shop ala Barnes and Noble . . .

 I read this book in English
written in the 1930s
by Sinclair Lewis

Read it if you haven't, lots of parallels to what's happening today in the USA. Assigning current government officials to the characters in the book on this cover was interesting.

A view inside the Mall

Great spot on a rainy day.

Go Warriors GO!

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