Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Montezuma's Rule #1: Don't Eat Italian Food in Mexico!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017:

First and foremost, HAPPY 8th ANNIVERSARY to Mike and Vanessa Contreras!

Many of your Europe Warriors, including their Offensive Line Coach/Special Teams Coordinator, braced for the new day with a touch of the old Montezuma's Revenge.

The common thread culprit was the lasagna we had at dinner Monday night. Those who ate some had, shall we say, a busy day.

Those who didn't were the fortunate ones.

DL Claudio Nicola
Milan Rhinos

His wise answer as to why he was spared from the dilemma that many of us faced today was "If I ate lasagna in Mexico my Grandfather would have come down from Heaven and killed me!"

Thus my new dietary rule: 

Early start to our day

 Team Defense with
QB Erik Perez Marquez at the helm

Post-practice huddle

 Cool Down

 Directing OL traffic

 7-on-7 Competition

Some tough defenders

Live Punt vs. Punt Block

Peter Smith from the UK
Rugby punting

 Compete . . .

 . . . and compete some more

Clapping class

 Charles DeLaRoque from France's
Aix-en-Provence Argonauts

 Drilling my seven offensive linemen

Taping Room for our players
courtesy of the UNAM Pumas

1-on-1 Pass Rush Drill

Afternoon Team session

Canada's Stewart Efeanyina a DL
at the UNAM snack bar after
the day's second practice

DL James Hamilton of the USA
was a big hit too

We all loved the snack bar

 RB Coach Mauricio Jaworski


Canadian DB Danny Tam
sporting a cool t-shirt

Ed Vega who took
many of these photos

 Four practices down
Four more days until

Tomorrow's schedule

It includes our Media Day and a team excursion to see some of Mexico City's more famous sights.

It should be another GREAT day to be a Europe Warrior!

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