Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Exploring Cholula and an EXCELLENT UDLAP Aztecas Practice

Wednesday, August 16, 2017:

was up early, so I headed out the door before any other members of our entourage had awakened to explore the quaint city of Cholula.

Parroquia de San Pedro
in the early morning

Day of the Dead

Are you looking at me?

Small temple in the nearby
Zona Arqueológica

Sunrise over . . .

. . . which is a suburb of . . .

Above these two colorful signs
is the Santuario de Nuestra
Señora de los Remedios

Two volcanoes in the distance
one on the left and one on the right

Nice mural

Frida Kahlo's home

I'd eat here if it was open

Laurie, we need to repaint
the front of our house

Aztec influence

Of course Cholla, Mexico has
a Pakistani Art shop

Cholla is colorful

Mexican Sweets!

This shop was still closed when I walked by in the early morning.

Mini-shrine to the
Virgin of Guadalupe

Don't know who this is
but it was on the Zocalo near
our hotel

Our hotel was on the far right
of this arcade

Benito Juarez
Hero of the Revolution

Parroquia de San Pedro again

I just liked this gnarly tree stump
in the Zocalo

Emiliano Zapata
Hero of the Revolution

Templo de San Gabriel
I think

Nice entryway

Of course there were goats
walking down the sidewalk

Somewhat active volcano
behind our hotel

Big book in the Zocalo

I just liked it

Climbing up the world's second
largest pyramid trailing
only one of the pyramids in Egypt

The Tepanapa Pyramid looks more like a shrub covered hill than a pyramid as it has been badly neglected for years.

It is the widest pyramid ever built in the world.

The church that sits atop
the Tepanapa Pyramid that
we saw earlier in this post

View out of the front door of
the same church

The Gang of Four that made it to
the top of the Tepanapa Pyramid

L. to R.: Bart Iaccarino, George Contreras, Mike Wood and Joey Fuentes

The Gang of Four with Cholula
in the background

Mike and Joey also climbed to the top of Teotihuacán's Temple of the Sun last Sunday.

From here, it was on to the Universidad De Las Americas Puebla (UDLAP) to observe their practice.

Home of the Aztecas

The Aztecas have played in the last four Mexican Collegiate National Championship games and won three of them including the 2016 title.

In 2016 UDLAP went 13-0 but did lose an exhibition game 49-25 on the road in November to the FCS Pioneer League Champion University of San Diego Toreros who went 10-2 in 2016.

Campeones de Mexico

Cool Aztecas helmets side view

Front view

Are those stands OSHA approved

I shadowed UDLAP
Offensive Line Coach
Oscar Sánchez

He is a GREAT teacher as are all of the Aztecas coaches from what we all saw today.

Coach Sánchez had seven
players today

One-on-one pass sets

Stare Down?

Good work on the sled

Coach Sánchez was joined by the
RBs and their coach
Brian Quirino de Guzmán

Combo blocks

Getting inside leverage

Combo blocks again

Scrimmage time

After practice with the Aztecas'
massive and excellent LT
#51 Diego Bedolla, 6'6" and 285 lbs.

Here are some videos from today's Offensive Line drills.

Pass Sets

Leverage Drill

Combo Blocks

Diego Bedolla working against
a Bull Rusher

RT missed his block

After the well organized practice, we needed to eat a late lunch. DB Coach Remy Palacios once again led us to victory to cement his title as Mexico's #1 Assistant Football Coach in our opinion.

Cool beer sign

This was Coach Palacios choice

One of the three kilos of carnitas
that we ordered to share
between the seven of us

We were so stuffed that we passed on dinner tonight.

Now THAT'S amazing!

After lunch, we attended the
UDLAP staff meetings

Jesús, Joey and I sat in on this offensive meeting while Mike, Ricardo and Bart went to the Dark Side's get together.

UDLAP Aztecas American football is EXCELLENT! 

Being alive was a good thing today.

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