Tuesday, August 15, 2017

A Restful Day at the Floating Gardens of Xochimilco and Still More Game Day Pictures

Monday, August 14, 2017:

First and foremost today . . .

Congratulations to
Grandson Kevin on his first
day of Kindergarten!

Apparently he had a great day and can't wait to go back again tomorrow, YAHOO!

Our initial plan was to attend today's UNAM Pumas practice but that changed when their Head Coach informed us that his team was just doing some rehab work in their pool.

We needed a Plan B.

The Floating Gardens of Xochimilco,
a GREAT place for a staff meeting

Colorful Mexican trajineras
are canal gondolas

Ours had room for 18 passengers, we were six, and allows you to slowly cruise through some of the 180 km of Aztec canals still in existence.

The Brenda was our trajinera

Jesús and Joey were aboard

Leo was our guide

Traffic jams even in the canals

We were told that there are about 3,000 trajineras in service on these canals on the weekends leave from ten different embarcaderos spread throughout the canal system.  Today it was a quiet day and not too busy.

Bright colors everywhere
you looked

Tranquil scenes

Lively music abounded
floating by

Mike Wood taking a picture
on wobbly sea legs

Somehow 24 Coronas had been loaded onto the boat by an enterprising woman.

Joey took our picture

I took Joey's


On sale as you float downstream, pulque is an adult beverage that goes down smoothly but makes walking a tad tough.

This, we were told, is actually a
water taxi for the locals not for
we tourists

Hook four trajineras together
and you have an Armada

The two hours were relaxing and full of discussions about, what else, the Europe Warriors future endeavors and last Saturday's game.

We realized as we got back on dry land that we were hungry.

This place looked oh so sabroso!


Our new amigo chopped up
a kilo of carnitas and away
we went

Condiments next door

Let the feast begin!

DAMN we were happy!

Pulque and beer can do that to you.

And sated too

Blue corn tortillas were a BIG HIT!

As was the entire Xochimilco experience.


And more game photos from last Saturday's Warriors-Pumas game just keep pouring in . . .

Warrior Pride

Go get it Preston Bailey

Corey Stollmeyer with a pick

Preston Bailey again

I think the Pumas are guilty
of holding our end

No holding calls in the entire game for both teams.

James Hamilton applying the pressure

Jo Vontae Hence

Ja Vontae accelerating and . . .

. . . FLYING into the end zone
for SIX!

Connor Reilly



Post Game

Jonny Ridge and Herbert Gamboa

The Spaniards
Kike and Sandro

Luca Zigliani

Luis Rodarte and Joan Gonzalez
joined by . . .

Irving Alamilla

France was in the house
Corentin Gasnier and
Charles De La Roque

Charles De La Roque's great
catch and run for about 50 yards

Charles got caught from behind,
GREAT play!
Celebrating with Darnell Smith

Erik Pérez Marquez
Special Teams Whiz

Jack Pedersen
nice tongue

LB Mike Garza

Ja Vontae Hence again

Luca Zigliani

Peter Smith warming up
to kick the tying FG at
the end of the game

Unfortunately, due to a turnover he did not get the chance.

Danny Tam

Tackling in space

Talking Stretch blocking to the OL

Who knows what I'm talking
about here

Prepping Pete Smith for his potential
FG attempt at the end of the game

Luca and Erik


Charles De La Roque's
great catch from a different angle

OG Kike Prado Alonso chest
bumping WR Darnell Smith
after a Warriors'TD

Have I mentioned what a GREAT experience it was being a part of the Europe Warriors team?

Well, IT WAS!

On Tuesday, the adventure continues as the six of us drive to the city of Puebla to shadow the coaches at the Universidad Del Las Americas Puebla or UDLAP for the next two days.

Living the EuroBall life in Mexico and LOVING IT!

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